Production Schedule

Narosia: Sea of Tears Production Schedule

2015: Expanding the Setting and Rules

Q1 2016: Expanding the Sandbox
  1. Kickstarter: expanding the setting into Fate, AGE, and possibly D&D5E
    1. D&D 5E rules ready at launch of Kickstarter - in pdf/print March 2016
    2. Fate stretch goal - in pdf/print May 2016
    3. Savage Worlds stretch goal - in pdf/print May 2016
    4. Depths of Baradahm stretch goal
    5. Village of Gillkas stretch goal
  2. Depths of Baradahm
    1. Expansive multi-session adventure to continue the story from the introductory Ruins of Bardahm adventure.
  3. Village of Gillkas
    1. Can be linked to the Baradahm story line.
    2. Description of surrounding area
    3. A base for subsequent adventures
    4. 2-3 adventures in-town
Q2-Q3 2016: More Toys for the Sandbox
  1. Minions and Monsters (Monster Book)
  2. Races of Narosia
  3. The Gates of Dor Pelithor (Web Adventure)
  4. For King and Queen (Web Adventure)

2017: New Frontiers and Advanced Play

Q1 2017: A Richer, Larger World
  1. Nations of Narosia (Expanded Setting+ Rules+ Adventure)
  2. Drakwold Forest (Web Adventure)
Q2 2017: More Options for a Richer World
  1. Advanced Magic (Expanded Rulebook)
  2. A Wizard’s Errand (Web Adventure)
Q3 2017: Brand New Adventures
  1. Selenthea (City Setting and Region + Rules+ Adventure)
  2. Into the Wilds <Selenthea Wilderlands Adventure> (Web Adventure)
Q4 2017: New Tools & Treasures
  1. Delver's Handbook (Rules and Equipment)
  2. For a Few Silver More (Urban Web Adventure)

2018: Darkness Rising

Q1 2018: The First of Many New Threats
  1. Book of the Dead (Undead Monsters)
  2. Isle of the Dead (Web Adventure)
Q2 2018: More Character Options
  1. Advanced Channeling (Expanded Rules)
  2. Darkgate (Web Adventure)
Q3 2018: Into the Deeplands
  1. Deeplands Guide (Setting + Rules + Adventure)
  2. Dor Maladrang <The Tsvergic Outpost> (Web Adventure)
Q4 2018: The Power of the Fel Lord
  1. Fel Essence, Abomonae, and Endrori (Rules and Monsters + Adventure)
    1. Adventure: Troubled Waters
  2. Revenge is a Dish (Sequel to Troubled Waters - Web Adventure)

2019: The Heroes Return

Q2 2019
: A Dangerous New Game
  1. Port Nadir (City Setting)
  2. Of Darker Things <Gladiator Adventure> (Web Adventure)
  3. Six Fathoms Deep (Web Adventure)