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What You Need

Getting into a game of NOVA6 is very simple. You need:

  • Between three and five people. One of you is going to be the gamemaster (or “GM” for short), and everyone else is going to be a player.
  • A character sheet, one per player, and some extra paper for note-taking. (GMs, any important characters you play might have a character sheet also.)
  • Seve six-sided dice (7d6 for short), preferably per player.
  • Tokens to represent Plot Points. Poker chips, glass beads, or anything similar will work. You’ll want to have at least thirty or more of these on hand, just to make sure you have enough for any given game. You can use pencil marks on your character sheet in lieu of tokens, but physical tokens add a little more fun.
  • Index cards. These are optional, but they’re very handy for recording aspects during play.