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NOVA6 Change Log

Beta v04

  • Revised layout for digest size.
  • Cleaned up some text and examples.
  • Revised Burglar, Concealment, Cringe, Scientist, Sharpshooter, Stunt Master, and Thief talents. 
  • Revised Physician's perks.
  • Revised Shoot weapons to use new uses property.
  • Revised Vulnerability and Resistance Features to align with stunt point mechanics. 
  • Expanded Sorcerer Talent and associated rules, including more sample spells. 
  • Introduced Resolution Pool mechanic (p14).
  • Revised how aspects apply to actions.
  • Refined Area universal effect property. 
  • Expanded object malfunction and reliability properties.
  • Revised Auto universal effect property as a result of the revision to Uses.
  • Changed how uses/ammunition works to improve the drama around resource consumption while minimizing bookkeeping.

Beta v03

  • Skill Focus now only increases the skill rank maximum and provides stunt points on doubles (instead of +1d).
  • Reduced starting default perks to 6.
  • Removed the "+1 perk per level" experience bonus; now only +1 advance per level
  • Added Mitigating Consequences with Aspects option
  • Grappler. You can use Physique instead of Fight to create advantage against an enemy by wrestling or grappling with them.
  • Typos referencing abilities, and effect changes (e.g. defense becomes soak, harm becomes pierce). 
  • Simplified multiple action and eliminated "multiple move" disadvantage
  • Feature Examples: armor points for armor
  • Introduced the slow-load property
  • Expand Basic Effect examples
  • Revised Area Effect mechanics. 
  • Revised NPC Stress & Consequences
  • General Clarifications in Action Framework and Adventure Structure

Beta v02

  • Refined and clarified damage, stress, and consequences
  • Changed the term Circumstance to be Condition
  • Changed resist to soak
  • Clarified character advancement
  • Reordered the layout
  • Clarified how stunt points are earned
  • Presented the "hidden 5 point scale"
  • Clarified action modifiers
  • Cleaned up movement
  • Added Archer talent
  • Refined Detective talent
  • Revised Deadly Blow/Shot, Strong, Strong Willed, Tough, Unyielding, Unstoppable, and Indomitable
  • Revised Weapon and Armor Features
  • Clarified Multiple Action rules
  • Added and revised stunts
  • Introduced the Rule of Awesome
  • Revised Environment rules to match new effects