Action at the Speed of Narrative

NOVA6 is a d6-based Fate Core hack. The changes introduced blend the tension of simulationist elements while retaining a narrative core, balancing traditional RPG elements with technology around player agency and narrative control.

NOVA6 also reduces action decision paralysis. On your turn you select an action, perhaps combine it with 1 or 2 others, and resolve these actions. The results of the Action Roll determine whether you succeed or fail, and whether that success involves a stunt (e.g., called shot, advantageous positioning, reveal secret information, etc.) or a complication. 

Key Differences from Fate:

  • Players Roll. Passive opposition is the norm, and only players roll the dice. If they take an action, they roll the dice. If they need to react, they also roll the dice.
  • Circumstances Are Always Relevant. NOVA6 supports the Fate concept of Aspects, however Situation Aspects and Consequences are referred to as Circumstances and always apply. The driver for this change is to support genres or play-styles where the players/characters are less in control of the situation than is typical for a Fate game.
  • Bounded Influence. Circumstances and skill can affect the results of an action without changing the range of potential results.
  • Pay To Play. Plot Points fuel the cost of success, cost of failure, bolster reactions, and provide an economy for information discovery.

The system is intended to support extensive tactical details, rapid task resolution, and creative interpretation of story and plot.

Getting Started

There's still a lot going on with the development of NOVA6 but we are happy to share the latest Quick Reference Sheet which gives you pretty good insight into how the rules will work. 

We really wanted the core rules of NOVA6 to fit on a single page. We still have some tweaking to do but this is pretty close to getting all the rules here.