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Vale, The Huntress

posted Apr 16, 2015, 6:19 PM by Shane Harsch   [ updated Apr 16, 2015, 6:28 PM ]
 Exploring the Enaros
Vale is an example of an Enaros from the world of Narosia. We will be sharing the orisons granted to her channelers on the IntrepidGM blog, which expand the set of orisons included in the core rulebook. 

Vale is normally portrayed as a dusky skinned beauty with deep brown eyes, the grace of a cat, and the majesty of a stag. She appears as a huntress of primarily Eloren form but with Drakani traits, as can be seen in the scythaa race. She is occasionally shown clothed in hides but beyond this she is never shown with any other belongings. Her colors are dark brown and blood red and the element associated with her is ivory.

Be the Husband to All Creatures (Animals)

“The world of animals exists around and within the world of the name giver.”

    All the beasts of Narosia are the children of Vale. She is their keeper and protector and she assumes their form to move among them.

Passions Fuel Action (Ferocity)

“That which separates predator from prey is the essence of ferocity.”

    She is warmed by passion, instinct, and desire. When civility gives way to raw emotion, only then is Vale truly pleased. She rarely converses, speaking only to communicate warning or command, and is not one to debate. Vale is never envious or bitter and she does not hold grudges. However, if she is crossed her fury in the moment is unparalleled.

Clarity Comes from the Heart (Instinct)

“The eyes of the heart provide not sight but awareness.”

    Her heart is feral and she embodies instinct, an innate understanding of the world that triggers the appropriate response. Violence is in her nature only in so far as it is a part of the natural order.

Symbol: A natural tooth or claw.

Attributes: Direct, honest, humble, reliable, unpredictable, insensitive, unforgiving.

Followers: Vale is the chosen Enaros of the loriya and the patron to shepherds, hunters, and those who live by instinct and ferocity. Those who favor Vale believe that raw instinct provides guidance when needed, and as they forget their animal nature they will become lost.

Hierophants: Beastmasters help ensure the impact of mortalkin on the world of animals is kept in balance. Their demeanor is pleasurably serene unless challenged. In that case, they fight with a savagery and skill found only in the greatest predators, and as singular combatants they are to be feared. 

Grace: Protecting and caring for animals.

Malice: Senseless destruction of animals.

Forsaking: Endroren should have been destroyed for his treachery, and the tsverg suffer as a result. Their choice to forsake the Enaros is disappointing but appropriate.

Abilities: All physical characteristics, Perception, Animal Handling, Climbing, Rapid Attack, Animal Friendship, Double Jointed, Environmental Movement, Sleep Anywhere.

Complications: Enraged/Berserk, Hunted, Distinctive Features, Psychological Complications involving anger or atavism.

Activity: Arguments, hunting for sustenance, field dressing, skinning, atavistic combat.

Worship: Each successful hunt is celebrated with a ceremony to acknowledge the sacrifice of the creature and receive Vale’s blessing for the kill. She is also celebrated during the Esterning and the Hallowed Harvest, along with Grethken. Before physical contests, some also venerate Vale to grant them clarity of instinct and pure ferocity.

Locations: Animal dens and lairs, Wildpointe (Heart of the Zamayhen Jungle, High Temple).