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U•Con 2014 (Nov 14-16)

posted Dec 12, 2014, 12:35 PM by Shane Harsch
Fantastic con, without a doubt my favorite U•Con to date. We had the return of Leonard Balsera for the Fate track, and launched a new track of gaming: OSR. Our guests of honor were Rodney Thompson (Lords of Waterdeep, D&D 5E) and James Ernest (Cheapass Games) and they both ran a number of amazing events. 

The biggest thing for Legendsmiths was the launch of our Narosia D&D Playtest. We ran 3 sessions of Narosia D&D: one of Ruins of Baradahm (GM Ryan O'Grady) and two of Depths of Baradahm (GM Shane Harsch). All sessions were fantastic and the feedback on seeing Narosia in D&D5E was fantastic. I was happy to see many new fans, and had great feedback on Ryan's session. This is fantastic because while I can run Narosia, handing it off to someone else is always a challenge. So far I have been lucky to have 3 great GMs run Narosia for Legendsmiths: Leah Watts, Dale Barnes, and now Ryan O'Grady. Thanks to all. 

The playtest is our lead up to our second kickstarter project: Narosia System Expansion. More on that later. 

U•Con also celebrated the 40th Anniversary of D&D with a cake for Rodney (representing WoTC). Tastey times indeed!

I can't wait for U•Con next year!