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Origins Game Fair and State of the Narosia Project

posted Jun 8, 2014, 5:42 PM by Shane Harsch   [ updated Jun 8, 2014, 5:45 PM ]

Origins Game Fair

First, things first. Origins is coming up next week and we have a slate of events for Narosia.

Friday (7pm) we have Ruins of Baradahm (Event 6603). This is the introductory adventure included with the main book and is a great way to discover what is unique about this setting.

Saturday and Sunday morning (9am) then we follow on with Depths of Baradahm (Events 6716 and 6915) the sequel to Ruins. This adventure will be included in the upcoming GM Resource Kit. This is an expansive adventure designed for 4-7 sessions of play, detailing an entire tsvergic town. This includes areas for government facilities, residential, mercantile, industrial, and more. It also includes the addition of several new Endrori and Fel Creatures, and also creates a persistent strategic location for your campaign.

So if you are looking to dive into Narosia, Origins has a schedule of events for you!

Narosia Project Status

We are working hard to complete the core rules text by Origins. That will leave one bit of narrative work (not written by me), but it also means we should be able to start layout for origins. All that remains between now and Origins is the equipment and treasures chapters. Here we suffer from too much, and this is largely an exercise in reduction. We have to decide what is essential and what is going to be included in the Resource Kit or possibly a separate equipment supplement. 

GM Resource Kit

While the final assembly of the items in this kid are still being finalized, what we are looking at right now are:

  • GM Screen
  • Poker-Style Divine Intervention Cards (print samples will be used during Origins & GenCon)
  • Depths of Bardahm adventure (currently in playtest, maps complete, verbal commitment from author to write)
  • iOS Narosia Reference App (stretch goals will include inclusion of all spells, orisons, bestiary etc.)
  • Android App as a stretch goal
  • Plus more TBD

Currently all of these deliverables are being committed by authors/developers with strong track records. All of these will be ready prior to any further Kickstarter simply to fund publishing, not production.