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Origins 2019 Events

posted Mar 2, 2019, 10:35 AM by Shane Harsch   [ updated Jun 10, 2019, 4:35 PM by S Harsch ]

DCC-Narosia: Ruins of Baradahm                                                 6/13 (Thu) & 6/14 (Fri) at 9am
Your village was attacked. Repelling the attack you give chase and find much more than you bargained for. Will it lead to glory or gloom? This introductory adventure for the Narosia DCC Primer will introduce the world of Narosia to fans of Dungeon Crawl Classics and set the stage for the forthcoming Village of Gillkas campaign.   

Atomic Sky: What about Bob?                                         
  6/13 (Thu) 7pm & 6/16 (Sun) at 11am
Do you have what it takes to survive the retrofuture atomic wasteland? Are "Our friend the Atom" and "Better living through chemistry" your survival mantras? NOVA20 is a D&D 5E variant for classless, modern play, combining many of the mechanics of NOVA6 with D&D. This makes the game a little more tactical than either 5E or NOVA6, with the objective of replicating the play experience of games like Fallout. 

Discworld NOVA6: Honey, I Shrunk The City Watch                         6/13 (Thu) at 7pm & 6/15 (Sat) at 7pm
In Ankh-Morpork, Sektober Fools Day is dreaded for jokes done around the city, and the free reign of the Fools Guild.  The players are freshly minted City Watchmen in Ankh-Morpork from around the Disk, such as Tsort, Uberwald, Hublands, Djelibeybi, Krull, and the Wyrmberg.  As new members of the City Watch, you get handed the bizarre calls.  But when a rumors  of invisible robbers smell anything but funny.  Tracking the trail of the tricksters may end in a deadly pie fight or worse.   In this story, Watchmen don’t get any bigger.  Humor and role-playing emphasized, knowledge of Discworld not requisite.

Cowboy Cthulhu: Teddy Roosevelt and the Fall of '86                 6/14 (Fri) at 7pm
Thee Roosevelt, Sheriff Seth Bullock, Red Cloud, and two academics from the east seek to stop an apocalyptic winter from falling on the west in November '86. A NOVA6 Core Cowboy Cthulhu adventure. Here we combine the NOVA6 Wild West themepack with the Investigative Horror themepack to create a western, Lovecraftian story. 

Psychotronic Attention-Span Theatre: Revenge of the Undead Scuba-Diving Zombies     6/14 (Fri) at 7pm
In Psychotronic Attention-Span Theatre, the player charactrers are actors playing roles in low budget web series, weekly TV show, or movies, where the setting/story changes each week.   This ranges from the serious where the actors cope with jumping into different time periods or alternate worlds, to the cheesy late night bad B-Movies.  The ‘director’ (or mad scientists, or devil with a TV remote, or evil sentient computer running the holodeck) control the shooting schedule and Extras, but it’s the actors that control the action with Nova6 Core’s unique stunt system.  Whether it’s striving to escape the clutches of invading Martians, battling mutant radioactive lobsters attacking Tokyo, or defeating machete-wielding madmen in the bayou, the actors are the stars of the show, despite hokey special effects and extras that can’t remember their lines.  
In this installment, join the zany reality show gang from ‘Total Drama Island’ cast as survivors of an undead scuba-diving zombie attack, when they inexplicably return to the cursed island for a second season: Revenge of the Undead Scuba-Diving Zombies.   The special effects are hokey, the catch-phrases stale, the props second hand.   This ain’t Shakespeare - it’s Psychotronic Attention-Span Theatre."

Meddling Kids: 13yrs Later                                                                 6/15 (Sat) at 9am
Of course it was old man Smithers. Years pass, and you realize that it was more than an old man in a mask. Using NOVA6 Core we will create characters (or bring your character from last year) using the Meddling Kids (teen investigative horror) themepack. This is part 2 of the "Those Meddling Kids and the Sleepy Lake Monster" adventure from last year. You need not have played that adventure to enjoy this one.