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NOVA6 Core RC5

posted Jun 5, 2020, 10:45 AM by Shane Harsch
We're excited to share Release Candidate 5 with you today. 

The Character Sheets in Downloads have also been revised to match, including a form-fillable PDF.

We're talking with our editor about starting that process which is what we wanted to be ready for once we launch the kickstarter. 

Unfortunately, one of the biggest revisions between RC04 and RC05 was the damage system--we blew it up. Well, not entirely. The core of damage vs soak and the relative values remains intact (we're not monsters). However, what damage means has changed. That means there is a whole new damage result system. Our initial test have all been positive and I am confident in the new approach. In some ways it's simpler, in other ways it is a little more detailed, but in a positive manner. 

For example, when you take stress you note the duration of the stress when you mark it (instead of just an "X"). This allows for short term effects and also better aligns with other, non-damage, types of effects. Take Scene [S] stress, put an S in the box. Take Lasting [L] stress, put an L in the box. Pretty simple. 

Now it's out there for you--let's get out and play.