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NOVA6 Core Open Beta

posted Oct 24, 2018, 8:29 PM by Shane Harsch
Wow, what a year. We started out thinking that our focus was going to be on one thing and then it became another. This is a good thing.

As we worked what we are now calling NOVA6 Expanded, we realized the way players were engaging with the game was through a small side project to simplify NOVA6, especially for convention play. 

The more we worked on the rules the more we realized this streamlined version of the rules was actually the core of the game. This core was the thing we should focus on first before the expanded rules, splat books (like cyberpunk, sorcery, etc.), or really anything else. 

This is now NOVA6 Core

This game is complete and will form the core of the work that we do on NOVA6 moving forward. NOVA6 Expanded is still a thing, and is what we are playtesting to support the new edition of Narosia, but it was definitely important for us to figure out what actually made the game work and put that in as concise a format as we could (and I'm sure our editor will take it to the next level). 

We will be posting character sheets, Themepacks, and other updates for NOVA6 Core to the NOVA6 site as they are completed. 

We would also love to see you at any of the upcoming events we are attending.