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Marmalade Dog AAR

posted Apr 29, 2011, 5:31 AM by Shane Harsch   [ updated Apr 29, 2011, 5:39 AM ]
It was a good con. Smallish - if I go back I will be sure to run only adventures with non-Hero recognizable hooks. We'll also see how my current Pathfinder Society Hero experiment works out... perhaps I run some of those.

I did get to run "Fallout: Where are all the good men dead" -- it was outstanding. I had a great group of 6 players (as usual for Fallout, too many players showed up). We even had a girl to play Scar and she was outstanding. Played the role perfectly. We were having so much fun in the deduction phase of the adventure roleplaying that we arrived at the climactic battle with only 20 minutes to spare. Well, one critical hit later followed by a RIDONCULOUS Presence Attack and that fight was over in a very epic fashion. Let's just say that you shouldn't piss off a Nightkin Grandmother. Everyone played their characters so well, it was really a joy to run. I apologize for those that did read the description for not having Veronica there and going with Arcade Gannon, however Arcade's Surgical Strike ability was a lot of fun to see in action (check out the characters for more).