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Legendsmiths GenCon 2012 Report

posted Aug 21, 2012, 1:59 PM by Shane Harsch   [ updated Aug 21, 2012, 1:59 PM ]
Outstanding con with outstanding people. All of the Narosia events ran extremely well. I was especially happy with the new QuickStart format - we were able to make Narosia characters and complete the Ruins of Baradahm in 4 hours. 

Additionally, I had a wonderful opportunity to connect with the designer community. Many thanks to Matt Forbek, Kenneth Hite, Jason Morningstar, Lenny Balsera. I also had the honor of meeting Avonelle Wing of Dreamation, DexCon, and Metatopia fame. She was running Double Exposure at GenCon, affording game designers an opportunity to present their games to an eager audience of playtesters. 

Skyrim was very well received. I think we can let that sit for a bit while we complete Narosia.

Cowboy Cthulhu was once again at the top of my all times list. The roleplaying in that even was popcorn level, meaning that I as the GM was able to sit back and enjoy the show. 

Now to go full steam to complete the Kickstarter and on to the future.