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Divine Intervention Cards

posted Jan 22, 2015, 5:49 AM by Shane Harsch
The proofs are back and they are fantastic. This is the set of cards used in our Narosia: Sea of Tears campaign setting to facilitate divine influence. The cards are system agnostic with the intent that the actual effects of the cards can be then rendered in any game system. 

These are smooth, poker-sized cards with multiple backings to represent the different decks that are used in the game. DriveThruCards did an outstanding job. The graphic design is courtesy of Matt Minor at Universe-M, the system design and text by Shane Harsch of Legendsmiths, and the artwork for the Enaros are from the amazing Víctor Pérez Corbella.

These cards will be available for purchase on DriveThruCards by the end of February, 2015.