08 - Story of the World

        The Sea of Tears region commands the focus of narosian history since the dawn of time. Such history is both wide and deep in its complexity, as well as endlessly debated by those scholars who have managed to assemble various pieces of its evidence. What follows is the detail of the story of the world known to those narosians who have studied, learning of creation, civilization, the current order of nations, and prominent geography. Most however are likely to know only the most basic of details, and then only the most recent of events.

A Time of Shadow, A Time of Heroes

    Hundreds of years have passed since the fall of the Aetaltan Empire and the people of the Sea of Tears are finally bringing order to their fractured world. Fledgling nations have grown into powerful kingdoms, thriving merchant states have reestablished the old trade routes, and the clerics of the Enaros have rebuilt their great temples. Yet in this time of rebirth, the shadow of apocalypse rises again.
    After centuries of neglect, the holy seals created by the Warders of Alantra have started to fail, allowing the Endrori, the long imprisoned dark minions of Endroren, to unleash their vengeance upon the children of Lensae, the sun. Meanwhile, demons driven by the unknowable motivations of Qliphothic gods crawl their way through cracks in space to seed the world with Voidspawn. What little hope and prosperity has finally taken hold is threatened with oblivion.
    Answering a call from Lord Drakewyn of Aetaltis and sanctioned by the holy Orders of Lensae, small bands of independent heroes from around the Sea of Tears rise in defense. These stalwart adventurers fight the battles armies cannot fight, delve deeper than others dare, and serve as beacons of promise in a world growing darker with each passing day. They are the last best hope for the people of Narosia.


Time is measured relative to the Current Era (CE) which starts with the arrival of the Atlan. BCE (Before Current Era) refers to the years prior. Both the Tsverg and the Elori maintain calendars that have dates of origin prior to their arrival, but with the rise of the Atlan as the dominant race on Narosia most people have adopted their calendar out of both practicality and respect.

Date Event
Unknown Before Time: Endros and Aros create the Enaros and their home, Lensae (the sun)
Unknown The Dawn Times: The Enaros create the world Narosia, its plants and animals
Unknown The Enaros create the Narosani, but they are rejected by Endros and Aros
Unknown The Enaros create the Enari, who are accepted
2379 BCE The Illarios, when the Enaros give their gifts to the Enari
2379 BCE Endroren leaves the Enaros, gives the Enari Sorcery
2379 to 1425 BCE The Age of Sorcery
1425 BCE The Failed Ascension and the Malanoor
1425 BCE to 413 BCE The Tsvergic Age
413 BCE The Nuor Noktakhaz — The Shadow Slaughter
413 BCE to 10 BCE The Age of Darkness
10 BCE to 0 CE The Great War and the Coming of the Atlan
0 CE to 315 CE The Age of Empire
315 CE The Cataclysm
315 CE to 817 CE The Age of Chaos
817 CE to 917 CE The New Kingdoms
917 CE Declaration of Talimane
917 CE to 942 CE Today: The Age of Adventurers


    As the battle for survival gave way to civilization, some of these warlords consolidated power and were able to form kingdoms. Over time, these kingdoms would grow into the current nations surrounding the Sea of Tears, each grounded in their own histories. The holy orders have been reestablished, arcane colleges and guilds have been formed, and militaries have revived old traditions and skills. Even so, these young kingdoms are not equipped to face the rising tide of the Fel or the creeping horrors beyond the shadows.

The Age of Adventurers

    While Warders work at a feverish pace to reinforce or restore the seals, the armies of the civilized lands struggle to defend them. There are too many seals and too few Warders.
    Recognizing the need for a new strategy, Lord Drakewyn, King of Aetaltis, delivered the Declaration of Talimane in 917 CE. The armies of the new kingdoms are strong, but they are slow and unwieldy. The King needed small groups ready to take on the threat on their own, striking where the enemy does not expect them, reaching out to the places the armies cannot reach, and delving into those places the common man will not go. This declaration acknowledged adventurers as a force for good, and created a system that allows nobles and those in authority to sanction these explorers in pursuit of peace, safety, and security. The world needs heroes with the will to face its myriad threats.
    The Declaration of Talimane has opened the world to a new Age, a time when bold warriors, crafty rogues, wise wizards, and pious channelers bring the battle to the enemy. From the twisted woods of the Wilderland to the darkest Deepland halls, they strike the foe wherever it rears its ugly head. The battle is hard and they face nearly impossible odds, but if these courageous adventurers can hold back the forces of evil and destruction long enough for the new kingdoms to strengthen their defenses, then hope remains alive!