HERO System Resources

   The Sixth Edition of the HERO System is the culmination of nearly thirty years’ worth of game design and play experience. The HERO System was first published as Champions in 1981, and was officially expanded into a truly “universal” role- playing game system with the release of the Fourth Edition in 1989. Those rules were improved upon in the Fifth Edition (2002) and Fifth Edition, Revised (2004). And now in turn the Sixth Edition builds upon the Fifth Edition and decades of experience with the HERO System rules to make them more fun and flexible than ever before!

Core Rules and Other Resources

    While Narosia will include all of the rules you need to play, the full extent of the HERO System can be leveraged in your games, including optional rules, variant rules, and a variety of resources that can expand your adventures.

    The two volumes of the Sixth Edition — Character Creation (“6E1”) and Combat And Adventuring (“6E2”) — provide you with all the rules you need to create characters and campaigns set in any time, place, or genre. But there’s a lot more HERO System information and resources available if you want them.

    Additionally, these two volumes have been condensed into the definitive version of HERO Sixth Edition: Champions Complete. This 240-page book includes all of the rules and powers of the two volumes with the minimal amount of text necessary to cover all the details. The result is a clear, compact, and concise version of the rules. At $40 for the Book and PDF, it is by far the most economical way to get into HERO. 

The HERO System Core Library

    The HERO System Core Library includes supplements providing detailed information about a subject for any HERO System game! Besides the Sixth Edition rulebooks themselves, the Core Library includes:
  • The HERO System Basic Rulebook (the “BR”), an “easy learning” version of the HERO System rules with all of the core rules but few of the options, variants, or complex elements;
  • The HERO System Advanced Player’s Guide
  • (the “APG”), a volume of expanded, optional, and variant rules for experienced users of the HERO System;
  • The HERO System Bestiary (the “HSB”), a collection of hundreds of animals, monsters, creatures, and other beings written up in HERO System form for use in your games;
  • The HERO System Equipment Guide (the “HSEG”), a compendium of all sorts of devices, weapons, gadgets, and other gear for your characters;
  • HERO System Martial Arts (“HSMA”), a complete guide to hand-to-hand combat and fighting styles from around the world in the HERO System;

Other Supplements

    But the Core Library is only the beginning. Hero Games and the HERO System have been around for about 30 years, so there are lots of supplements you can use with the HERO System rules. Although the rules have changed significantly in many ways from edition to edition, the central elements of the HERO System have remained virtually unchanged over the decades. That means nearly any existing supplement, not just the ones Hero Games publishes in the future, can be a part of your Sixth Edition games. In particular there are thousands of pages’ worth of supplements for the Fifth Edition that are easy to adapt to and use with the Sixth Edition rules.