04 - Vocations

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            Vocations compliment archetypes as they generally reflect a person’s goals, ethics, and general outlook on life. It encompasses philosophical ideals such as the person’s basic values, and can influence material issues such as how he makes a living. Most people have a single disposition although it isn’t unheard of for a person to have mixed ideals that draw them into multiple dispositions.

            While the people of Narosia don’t really talk about vocation as a social construct, they are very aware of the different types of people that the dispositions described here represent. For instance, if someone knows that you’ve dedicated your life to the eradication of the Endrori no matter what the cost and with no interest in personal gain, he will immediately consider you a Guardian. The image of a Guardian is clearly ingrained in the social consciousness even though there aren’t Guardian guilds or similar social structures.


            Each vocation is defined as a Template of skills and abilities attributed to that archetype. The total cost of each Template is 15 Character Points. Each Template may also include Complications. These Complications are mandatory and often reflect how other people perceive such an individual or duties that may be required of that individual. Additionally, a list of suggested Complications common to individuals with that Disposition can be found in Chapter 8 Complications. All applicable Complications are part of the Matching Complications required as part of Character Creation.

Character Creation Steps

1. Grab a blank Character Sheet

2. Choose a Racial and Cultural Template (20 points)

3. Choose an Archetype (25 points)

4. Choose a Disposition (15 points)

5. Choose a Background (10 points)

6. Choose Characteristic Sets (5 Sets; 50 points)

7. Choose additional Abilities (Skills, Talents, or Perks; 30 points)

8. Choose 50 points of Matching Complications

9. Purchase Equipment with 250 SP

Character Sheet Notes

            The easiest way to record to the Disposition is to note its abilities in the Skills, Perks, & Talents section on the second page of the Character Sheet. The parenthesized values refer to the Characteristic Roll used as the Skill Base which should be recorded in the Roll column of the Skills, Perks, & Talents section of the Character Sheet. Some skills may simply list a number followed by a dash (e.g., 8-); this value should be recorded in the Roll column as well.


            Everyone needs to make a living, and the bounty hunter found out he could make his by killing endrori. The bounty hunter's actions might help the locals or they may work to the political advantage of the region's leaders, but then again, they might not. As long as the bounty hunter gets paid for his kills, he doesn't care.

Bounty Hunter Template

Cost      Abilities

2          AK: Aetaltis 11-

2          KS: Endrori 11-

3          Shadowing (INT Roll)

3          Stealth (DEX Roll)

2          Survival (Temperate/Subtropical Plains or Forests, or Mountains) (INT Roll)

3          Tracking (INT Roll)

Total Cost of Template:  15 Character Points



            Disasters of every kind have rocked the Sea of Tears basin over the ages. Too often, the victims of these disasters were forced to flee with little or no notice, leaving behind everything they owned. Delvers are adventures that track down this abandoned wealth for fortune, glory, and the sheer challenge of the hunt. They’ll take wild risks on the mere chance that they’ll uncover a forgotten horde of ancient treasure.

Delver Template

Cost      Abilities

3          Attunement (PRE Roll)

3          Concealment or Deduction (INT Roll)

3          PS: Appraiser or KS: Deepland Lore (INT Roll)

3          Lockpicking (DEX Roll) or KS: Locks (INT Roll)

3          Security Systems (INT Roll) or KS: Traps (INT Roll)

Total Cost of Template:  15



            The open road, the prow of a ship, or the ruins of a long forgotten elori city; only in settings like these is the explorer truly alive. He needs to know what lies beyond the next rise and won't rest until he has found out. Equally important to the explorer is returning to tell the tale of what he has discovered, for what good is discovery if no one benefits from it. Of course the explorer doesn't mind the well-deserved credit that goes along with the reporting of such discoveries as well.


Explorer Template

Cost      Abilities

3          Climbing (DEX Roll)

2          KS: Legends and Lore 11-

2          KS: Deepland Lore 11-

3          Navigation (INT Roll)

2          Survival (Temperate/Subtropical Plains) (INT Roll) or Survival +1

3          Tracking (INT Roll)

Total Cost of Template:  15



             The Sea of Tears basin is a land fraught with danger and the guardian has appointed himself the defender of all those unable to protect themselves. From hunting down marauding bandits to thwarting the cruel depredations of the Endrori, the guardian throws himself between these threats and the general populace. He doesn’t see this as a choice, but a personal responsibility that comes with his natural ability to overcome these dangers.


Guardian Template

Cost      Abilities

2          AK: Area/Region Protected 11-

2          Favored Weapon:  +1 OCV with single weapon

3          KS: Dark Lore (INT Roll)

3          KS: Endrori (INT Roll

3          Tactics (INT Roll)

1          Language:  Endrornic (Basic Conversation)

1          Language:  Gral or Skratta (Basic Conversation)

Total Cost of Template:  15



            Holy Servitors are the chosen ones of the Enaros. They serve as the mortal representatives of the gods, and can directly channel the divine essence of the Enaros. This rare gift gives the Holy Servitor the powers to heal the sick, construct blessed seals, repel undead, and exhibit a variety of other divine powers.


Holy Servitor

Cost      Abilities

3          Membership: Holy Servitor (Acolyte or Initiate)

1          KS: Clerical Hierarchy 8-

2          KS: Enarosian Religion 11-

3          Language: Enooric (Completely Fluent)

1          Language: Literate (single alphabet)*

3          Oratory (PRE Roll)

2          Theology 10-

Total Cost of Template:  15

* If character already has Language: Literate (single alphabet) increase one KS: Enarosian Religion or Theology to (INT Roll).


Value    Required Complications

10         Watched by Orders of Lensae (More Powerful, Extensive Non-combat Influence, Infrequently, Only Watching)

15         Social Complication: Holy Servitor (Frequently, Major)

            Note: Character is potentially subject to orders by senior clergy and must adhere to expected social behaviors.

Total Value Of Required Complications:  25



            Narosia is home to several specific forms of martial arts. The arts presented here represent those most popular in the Kingdom of Aetaltis. As an expansive culture with formal sports, competitions, and highly ordered military, the Kingdom of Aetaltis is home to many popular forms of martial arts.

Aetaltan Battlesport

             While effective in the structured games, Aetaltan Battlesport is sometimes a less practical fighting style. Numerous schools exist and compete in the games, and even in the streets, as members of the schools challenge each other.


Aetaltan Battler

Cost      Abilities

1          Membership: Battlesport School

2          KS: Aetaltan Battlesport

12        Choose 12 points of Maneuvers

Total Cost of Template:  15


Battlesport Maneuvers

Maneuver                               COST                  OCV                DCV           Notes
Arm Sweep Block      4         +2       +2     Block, Abort
Crescent Kick Block  5         +1       +3     2d6 Strike
Disarm               4         -1       +1     Disarm; 20 STR to Disarm
Flying Side Kick     5         +1       -2     6d6 Strike
Front Kick           4         +0       +2     4d6 Strike
Knifehand/Spearhand  4         -2       +0     HKA 1d6 +1
Punch/Elbow Strike   4         +2       +0     4d6 Strike
Side Kick            5         -2       +1     6d6 Strike
Takedown             3         +1       +1     2d6 Strike; Target Falls
Weapon Element       0                         Unarmed
Weapon Element       1                         Clubs (including Staffs) 

Iron Guard

            Iron Guard, short for Iron Guard Body Combat System, is a brutal style involving grappling, punching, stomach-kicking, legsweeping, joint-locking and joint-breaking. The maneuver listed as Kick or Punch is precisely that; the fighter can choose each round whether he wishes to punch or kick.

            Requirements: Characters must have STR 13, CON 15, PD 4, and REC 6 to survive training.


Iron Guardian

Cost      Abilities

3          Breakfall (DEX Roll)

2          KS: Iron Guard

10       Choose 10 points of  Maneuvers

Total Cost of Template:  15


Iron Guard Maneuvers

Maneuver                            COST                   OCV               DCV           Notes
Bend Joint          4         -1       +1     2d6 NND (7)
Break Bone          4         -2       +0     HKA 1d6 +1
Crush               4         +0       +0     6d6 Crush, Must Follow Grab
Escape              4         +0       +0     25 STR vs. Grabs
Grab                3         -1       -1     Grab Two Limbs, 20 STR for holding on
Jab                 3         +2       +1     2d6 Strike
Kick/Punch          3         +1       +0     4d6 Strike
Legsweep            3         +2       -1     3d6 Strike, Target Falls
Sacrifice Throw     3         +2       +1     2d6 Strike; You Fall, Target Falls 
Weapon Element      0                         Unarmed

NND 7: This maneuver causes excruciating pain caused by bending or torqueing a joint in a way it’s not supposed to move. The defenses against this include Resistance, having rigid armor on the joint in question which prevents improper bending, Powers with a similar effect (such as Stretching), or STR (as a Characteristic or Exert Maneuver) double or more that of the STR used to bend the joint. In some cases the Talent Double-Jointed may have the same effect. Refer to the discussion of joint-locks and similar Maneuvers (HSMA 246) for more information.


Shielded Spear

            All elite soldiers are trained in a specific set of maneuvers designed to enhance their effectiveness with the primary weapons of the Aetaltan Army: spear and shield. Aetaltan soldiers are some of the finest warriors on the battlefield, excelling in group manevuers and combined arms.

            Requirements: Soldier Background.


Shield Spearman

Cost      Abilities

3           Teamwork (DEX Roll)

12         Choose 12 points of Maneuvers

Total Cost of Template:  15


Shielded Spear Maneuvers

Maneuver                               COST                   OCV               DCV           Notes
Advance              5         +1       +0     Weapon +v/10; FMove
Defend               5         +1       +3     Block, Abort
Hold                 4         +0       +0     25 STR to resist Shove; Block, Abort
Press                4         +0       +0     25 STR to Shove
Receive              5         +0       +2     Weapon  +2 DC +v/6 Strike; Full Phase
Strike               4         +2       +0     Weapon +2 DC Strike
Sweep                3         +1       +1     2d6 Strike; Target Falls
Thrust               4         +0       +2     Weapon +2 DC Strike
Weapon Element       0                         Polearms and Spears (including Staffs)


            Pay a mercenary an honest wage and he'll fight to his last breath for you. Lie to him or try to cheat him out of his gold and you'll quickly find yourself at the other end of his sword. Mercenaries are in the business of war. They fight for pay and as long as the pay keeps coming they'll keep fighting.


Mercenary Template

Cost      Abilities

2          KS: Heraldry 11-

3          Teamwork (DEX Roll)

10        Veteran: +1 with All Combat

Total Cost of Template:  15



            Like a predator stalking his prey, the scholar hunts knowledge with a single-minded determination. His curiosity knows no bounds and he will risk life and limb to acquire new information. Everything he learns is carefully recorded in thick tomes and then he sets out once again in search of his illusive quarry.


Scholar Template

Cost      Abilities

3          Scholar:  +1 with Knowledge Skills

2          KS: Deepland Lore 11-

2          KS: History 11-

2          KS: Nature 11-

2          KS: Legends and Lore 11-

2          KS: Linguistics 11-

3          Language: Literate (All Alphabets)*

Total Cost of Template:  15

* If character already has Language: Literate (single alphabet) increase one KS to (INT Roll).



            Wizards are trained in the finer points of essence shaping. They study the science of essence and how it acts as a force of nature rather than simply mastering specific spell patterns. Wizards do not belong to any particular mage guild, but their skill reflects the fundamentals necessary to become a member.


Wizard Template

Cost      Abilities

3          Attunement (PRE Roll)

3          KS: Arcane Lore (INT Roll)

3          Language: Arcan (Fluent Conversation)

3          Language: Literate (All Alphabets)*

3          Thaumaturgy (INT Roll)

Total Cost of Template:  15

* If character already has Language: Literate (single alphabet) increase one KS to (INT Roll).