01 - Character Creation

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            Narosia adventures feature a wide variety of characters — from atlan swordsman to loriyen scouts, drothmal icewalkers, tsvergic delvers, or just about anything else you can think of. By using our step by step approach you can generate your character from concept to adventure in an hour.

            Since the character you create using this Quick Start complete conforms to all of the rules, you can easily tweak or build the character even further once you dig into the full rules


            Characters created by this Quick Start outline will total 150 Character Points with 50 points of Matching Complications. This places the character just below the Heroic Standard character level. This is a good point level to start a campaign where the characters are generally better than non-adventurer types (the bulk of Normals), but they haven't quite made a name for themselves as Heroes.

Character Sheet Notes

         Each chapter includes details of where to record the items on the Character Sheet included in the Appendix. Use of the Character Sheet is not required however – spreadsheets, blank paper, text editors, or even the official character design program HERO Designer are all options. Legendsmiths provides a Narosia HERO Designer Character Pack that includes all of the races, templates, and equipment necessary to design a character for the Narosia: Sea of Tears Fantasy RPG.

Racial Templates and Characteristic, Skill, and Ability Sets

         You will likely notice that all of the Templates and Sets total up to nice round numbers. This is not true of the Narosia: Sea of Tears Fantasy RPG, where the Racial Templates total just enough points to account for all of their abilities or where the Warrior Template costs 56 Character Points while the Knight Template costs 61 Character Points. However, the goal of Narosia Quick Start is to get you and your friends into a game of Narosia as quickly and easily as possible.

Matching Complications

            Most of the Character Points the GM gives you are “free” – you get them without any requirements or restrictions. However, to get some of them you have to select a matching value of Complications. Complications (see BR 78 or 6E1 418) are disadvantages, hindrances, flaws, and difficulties that affect a character, such as being afraid of fire or following a code of chivalry. They allow you to develop your character’s background, provide ways for the GM to work him into adventures (“plot hooks”), and give the character a chance to show what it means to be a hero by overcoming personal obstacles.

            Each Complication described in Chapter Seven of Quick Start has a Character Point value depending on its severity. You select 50 points worth of Complications for your character that you want the GM to include in the game. You can take fewer points’ worth of Complications if you want, but every 1 Character Point by which you don’t meet the Matching Complications amount reduces your character’s Total Points by 1.


            Each of the following chapters will take you through a step in character creation. Each step will require you to make and record a few choices that will ultimately result in a complete character.

            HERO System is a point based character creation system. The points allocated to each step are only guidelines to help define your character quickly and using the most common HERO System conventions. While Templates and Sets are used to speed character design, points can be allocated to whatever abilities are required to define the character. Follow these steps as written and if, once you reach step 6, you see how you might tweak the character one way or another with a point swap here or there talk to your GM. While most adjustments will work okay it is important to keep Abilities that increase Damage, Combat Values, or Skill Levels in line with the other characters.

There are no limiters in the rules to prevent a player from putting all of his points into Strength or in OCV, but such a character would be significantly out of balance in a Normal or Heroic level campaign, possessing either the ability to overpower any foe or to always hit his target. Ultimately the goal of Character Creation is to define a character that is fun to play, works well with the other members of the team, and possesses an interesting combination of strengths and weaknesses.

Character Creation Steps

1. Grab a blank Character Sheet

        The best option here is to use the online sheet from our Google Tools page or download the PDF and print it.

2. Choose a Racial Template and a Cultural Template (20 points)

3. Choose an Archetype (25 points)

4. Choose a Disposition (15 points)

5. Choose a Background (10 points)

6. Choose Characteristic Sets (5 Sets; 50 points)

7. Choose Abilities (Skills, Talents, or Perks; 30 points)

8. Choose 50 points of Matching Complications

9. Purchase Equipment with 250 SP