03 - Archetypes

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            Many adventurers refer to themselves by these names, and even if they don’t the public will. In some cases, such as the Holy Servitor, the adventurer type is a clear-cut social class with defined material requirements. In other cases, such as the fighter, the title is just a general description of adventurers who share those traits.

            There is nothing to stop an individual from pursuing multiple adventuring paths. For example, an adventurer may start out as a fighter but eventually become a rogue. Most adventurers, however, focus their efforts in a single area. When facing the endrori, better to have one’s skills well-honed in a single area then spread too thin in an attempt to straddle two professions.

            Archetypes represent the most common and most socially identifiable types of adventurers. These templates detail the fundamental types of Skills, Talents, and Perquisites of those archetypes.


Character Creation Steps

1. Grab a blank Character Sheet

2. Choose a Racial and Cultural Template (20 points)

3. Choose an Archetype (25 points)

4. Choose a Disposition (15 points)

5. Choose a Background (10 points)

6. Choose Characteristic Sets (5 Sets; 50 points)

7. Choose additional Abilities (Skills, Talents, or Perks; 30 points)

8. Choose 50 points of Matching Complications

9. Purchase Equipment with 250 SP

Character Sheet Notes

            The easiest way to record to the Archetype is to note its abilities in the Skills, Perks, & Talents section on the second page of the Character Sheet. The parenthesized values refer to the Characteristic Roll used as the Skill Base which should be recorded in the Roll column of the Skills, Perks, & Talents section of the Character Sheet. Some skills may simply list a number followed by a dash (e.g., 8-); this value should be recorded in the Roll column as well.

            Each archetype is defined as a Template of skills and abilities attributed to that archetype. The total cost of each Template is 25 Character Points. Each Template may also include Complications. These Complications are mandatory and often reflect how other people perceive such an individual or duties that may be required of that individual. Additionally, a list of suggested Complications common to individuals of a particular Archetype can be found in Chapter 8 Complications. All applicable Complications are part of the Matching Complications required as part of Character Creation.    


            Most channelers realize their destiny early in life, finding that miraculous good fortune favors them or that they are overcome with a sense of peace in a temple or sacred places. Once they meet a channeler who senses the destiny within them, they are often guided into service of the Enaros. From that moment on they are, and always will be, a channeler.

Character Building

Characteristic Sets: Influential, Intellectual, Quick, Wise

Dispositions: Explorer, Guardian, Holy Servitor, Scholar

Backgrounds: Archer, Aristocrat, Athlete, Craftsman, Healer, Horseman, Hunter, Leader, Man-At-Arms, Merchant, Philosopher, Trapper


Melee Weapons: Clubs and Maces

Ranged Weapons: Seldom used

Armor: Any

Other Gear: Holy symbol, personal shrine, religious raiment

Patron Enaros: All

Secondary Enaros: Any

Values: Piety, devotion, honor

Aversions: Cruelty, Darkness, lies

Public Opinion: Trusted spiritual leaders


Channeler Template

Cost      Abilities

10         Channeling 11-

5          Orison Familiarity: Choose 5 Orisons from Aelos, Alantra, or Modren

5          Piety: +1 with All Orisons of a Favored Enaros (Aelos, Alantra, or Modren)

5          Sanctified:  +1 with Interaction Skills

Total Cost of Template:  25


Value    Required Complications

10         Watched by Orders of Lensae (More Powerful, Extensive Non-combat Influence, Infrequently, Only Watching)

Total Value Of Required Complications:  10



            Fighters are born fighting. Whether highly trained or conditioned from years of brawling, fighting is as natural to them as breathing. Regardless of the path they choose to walk in life, they will always rely on their combat abilities first and foremost.


Character Building 

Characteristic Sets: Combative, Muscular, Quick

Dispositions: Bounty Hunter, Delver, Explorer, Guardian, Mercenary, Scholar

Backgrounds: Acrobat, Adept, Archer, Aristocrat, Athlete, Barbarian, Beastmaster, Bladesman, Charioteer, Craftsman, Detective, Dilettante, Grifter, Healer, Horseman, Hunter, Leader, Man-At-Arms, Merchant, Philosopher, Thief, Sailor, Smithy, Soldier, Trapper



Melee Weapons: Any

Ranged Weapons: Prefer melee combat

Armor: Any

Other Gear: Healing herbs, bandages

Patron Enaros: Droth

Secondary Enaros: Alantra

Values: Physical combat, courage, strength

Aversions: Cowardice, ranged attacks

Public Opinion: Dangerous


Fighter Template

Cost      Abilities

2          Courageous:  +7 PRE, Only To Resist Fear/Intimidation (-2)

3          Fighting Style:  +1 CSL with a single style; Choose Weapon & Shield style (must have shield in off-hand), Two-Handed style, Two-Weapon style, Light Weapon style (free off-hand and using one-handed weapon), Ranged style (+1 vs. Range Modifiers with all attacks)

8          Melee/Ranged Fighter:  +1 with HTH or Ranged Combat

8          Melee/Ranged Master:  Character’s attacks do +1 DC damage with all HTH or Ranged attacks.

4          Melee: WF:  Blades; Axes, Hammers, and Picks; Flails; Polearms and Spears

            or Ranged: WF: Bows; Crossbows; Thrown Knives & Darts; Thrown Javelins & Spears

Total Cost of Template:  25



            The expert believes that if you have more than you need, there isn't any reason that some of it shouldn't belong to him. Using stealth, cunning, and skill the rogue pads his own pockets at the expense of those wealthier than himself. Unlike common thieves, who will rob anyone, the expert follows a strict code of honor that governs who he targets.

Character Building

Characteristic Sets: Dextrous, Influential, Quick (often x2)

Dispositions: Bounty Hunter, Delver, Explorer, Mercenary, Scholar

Backgrounds: Acrobat, Actor, Adept, Archer, Aristocrat, Athlete, Barbarian, Beastmaster, Bladesman, Charioteer, Craftsman, Detective, Dilettante, Grifter, Horseman, Hunter, Man-At-Arms, Merchant, Philosopher, Thief, Sailor, Smithy, Soldier, Technician, Trapper



Melee Weapons: Knife, shortsword, sap

Ranged Weapons: Hand crossbow, knife, darts

Armor: Leather

Other Gear: Lockpicks, climbing gear, face black

Patron Enaros: Zevas

Favored Enaros: Aelos

Values: Wealth, professionalism, danger, privacy

Aversions: Mundane work, judges

Public Opinion: Criminals


Rogue Template

Cost      Abilities

3          Concealment (INT Roll)

3          Climbing (DEX Roll)

3          Stealth (DEX Roll)

3          Streetwise (PRE Roll)

3          Security Systems (INT Roll)

3          WF: Blades, Crossbows, Thrown Knives & Darts

9          Skills: Choose 3 individual skills from the following groups below

            Finesse Skills (DEX Roll): Fast Draw (Any), Lockpicking, Sleight of Hand

            Mobility Skills (DEX Roll): Acrobatics, Breakfall, Contortionist

            Social Skills (PRE Roll): Acting, Bribery, Charm, Conversation, Gambling, High Society, Persuasion, Trading

            Subterfuge Skills (INT Roll): Deduction, Disguise, Eavesdropping, Forgery, Lipreading, Mimicry, Shadowing, Ventriloquism

            Trade Skills (INT Roll +1): KS: Linguistics, KS: Locks, KS: Poisons, KS: Traps, PS: Appraiser, PS: Locksmith

Total Cost of Template:  25


           Using a natural talent to feel the flows of essence around them, shapers have unlocked the secrets of essence shaping and use that knowledge to bend reality to their will. With their powers, a shaoper can create fire from nothing or control the waters to speed a ship on its way.


Character Building

Characteristic Sets: Influential, Intellectual, Magical, Magically Combative, Quick

Dispositions: Bounty Hunter, Delver, Explorer, Scholar, Wizard

Backgrounds: Actor, Alchemist, Arcanist, Aristocrat, Bladesman, Craftsman, Detective, Dilettante, Grifter, Leader, Merchant, Philosopher, Smithy, Technician



Melee Weapons: Staff, mace

Ranged Weapons: Crossbow, gonne (if any)

Armor: Light if any (encumbrance penalties disrupt essence shaping)

Other Gear: Books, ink, quills, reagents, scrolls, foci

Patron Enaros: Toletren

Secondary Enaros: Aelos

Values: Knowledge, reason, discovery, secrecy

Aversions: Ignorance, intrusiveness, distractions

Public Opinion: Important people who deserve great respect


Shaper Template

Cost      Abilities

5          Essence Shaping (EGO Roll)

var        Personal Focus

Cost   Spell Application           Example

1       Small OAF (Fragile)        wand, feather, book

2       Small OAF (Breakable)    baton, crown, tome

2       Medium OAF (Durable)    rod, sword

3       Long OAF (Durable)        staff, spear

3       Worn OIF (Fragile)          necklace, circlet

4       Worn OIF (Breakable)      ring, bracers, torque

7          Essence Touch: Dimensional (Essential Plane) for Touch plus +1 with Essence Shaping, Only With Deliberate Or Prepared Shaping (-1) plus +1 with Thaumaturgy and Attunement, Must Touch Object Studied Throughout (-1)

5          Spellshaping: +1 with All Spells of a Favored Arcana (Choose from Anemus, Kapsus, or Kinisus)

var        Spell Familiarity: Choose 8 spells from any Arcana, -1 spell per point spent on Personal Focus

Total Cost of Template:  25