Narosia HERO System Companion

  This Companion allows you to jump into Narosia but it does not stand on its own. In order to create characters and run the adventure, you must have Fantasy HERO Complete, Champions Complete, or the HERO System 6th Edition rulebook. Any one of those books will be sufficient, and when combined with this companion you will be able to build a variety of classic fantasy characters, equip them, and take them on an adventure that will guide you through the rules and introduce you to the world of Narosia.


            The goal of this companion is to start your Narosia: Sea of Tears Fantasy campaign. There is enough material in here to get your campaign off the ground, get everyone familiar with the rules, and help you to decide what you want to do next. These rules are assembled from the more extensive Narosia: Sea of Tears Fantasy RPG, a complete game powered by the HERO System.

           In addition to the information here, the HERO Games Forums ( are an excellent place to meet many of the fabulous people in the Hero community. If this Quick Start inspires you to kick off a new Narosia campaign, the forums are a great way to post any additional questions you might have about the rules, campaign design, or adventuring.

            May the Enaros favor your path.