Narosia D&D Companion

The Narosia D&D Companion is written for the fifth edition of the worlds most popular RPG. While adapting the setting to D&D we wanted to make sure to stay true to the core elements of both the setting and the rules. We tried to avoid introducing any new rules where possible, although it was necessary to develop some core classes that fit the setting better than the standard core classes. 

Additionally, we need to keep parity with equipment, backgrounds, bestiary, and treasure. This is a slightly different challenge, but one I feel we have handled well. Narosia maintains an equipment list that differs from the standard, but is consistent across all system adaptations of Narosia. The taxonomy of monsters has also been maintained, unique Narosian creatures adapted as appropriate, and guidelines for incorporating standard creatures from the Monster Manual are provided. Treasures will be the last adaptation to tackle, building off a list of which magic items from the DMG can exist in Narosia and which would not. 

Magic and spellcasting was particularly challenging. While we would like to create a magic system and set of spells for D&D that aligns with the core HERO System version, that is quite impractical at this time. It also would diminish the synergy of adapting Narosia to D&D in a way that will be familiar and fun to fans of D&D. We feel the mechanics introduced by introducing the two new core classes of Channeler and Shaper, replacing Cleric and Wizard/Sorcerer respectively, are sufficient in reinforcing the elements of the Narosia magic system that are most important. 

With the launch of the Kickstarter, these materials will be in active, broad, playtest and will likely evolve before final publication.