When the Enaros performed the Malanoor it left the Enari without magic. However, for centuries the culture of Enari, regardless of race, had been shaped by the presence of such power. Sensing their celestial children would be lost without some amount of power, the Enaros decided to share their own essence in a way that would allow them to control how that essence was to be used. This gift, known as Channeling, is the ability to draw divine essence directly from the Enaros to create miraculous effects in the physical world.
    Unlike Essence Shaping, Channeling does not make use of scientific theories or rote formulas. The channeler’s power is a direct result of their connection to the Enaros. The greater their devotion and piety, the more powerful and miraculous the effects of their power. They don’t need to understand their powers, they simply need purity of thought and action.

The Call

    Most channelers realize their destiny early in life, finding that miraculous good fortune favors them or that they are overcome with a sense of peace in a temple or sacred places. Once they meet a channeler who senses the destiny within them, they are often guided into service of the Enaros. From that moment on they are, and always will be, a channeler.
    While the example above is the most common way that one becomes a channeler, it is not the only way. Some individuals don’t realize their purpose until late in life. Others try to deny the call and spend years following different paths, only to return to their true calling much later. In the end, however, the call cannot be denied.
    While it is possible to be a channeler without dedicated service to the Enaros, most channelers become members of one of the holy orders. It is only under the tutelage of these religious sects that the channeler can learn the skills necessary to harness his power. Membership is both a benefit and a responsibility. While it gives the channeler access to the facilities and resources of his order, he must heed the order’s commands and come to their aid in times of need.

The Art of Channeling

    The thing that sets a channeler apart from common worshiper is his ability to channel divine essence. With this power the channeler may heal the sick, call rain, strengthen crops, or perform any number of other miracles. Channeling is both a gift and a burden, for it grants the channeler great power but also gives him a responsibility to use his gifts to serve the people of Narosia.
    The channeler’s abilities stem from his devotion. Without devotion the channeler is powerless. True devotion comes only with time and it may be many years before a channeler’s devotion grows enough to allow him to reach his full potential.
    Channeling is also an art. While devotion is constant, the ability to call forth the divine essence used in orisons is something which is impacted by the talent of the channeler. This is not a reflection of the channeler’s holiness or dedication, but merely represents that the mental focus required to channel comes more naturally to some channelers than others.
    When a channeler intones an orison he does not envision detailed formulas or act out carefully rehearsed movements and gestures. Instead, he clears his mind and focuses on his patron Enaros. He may use special prayers, raise his hands to the heavens, or fall to his knees, but these are simply tools to help clear his mind and train his thoughts on the Enaros. The channeler then focuses on his desire, prays for it with his whole heart, and if his devotion his strong the thing he has envisioned comes to pass. Ask a channeler how it happens and he will not know. It simply is as the Enaros wish it.

The Basics

    To be a channeler you must have the Channeling skill and affirm knowledge of one orison via Orison Familiarity. All other skills, talents, and perks enhance these basic abilities.