The Fateweaver

Zevas takes on so many forms that no two representations of him are the same. The only features they have in common are deep, piercing eyes that seem to know far more than they are willing to reveal. Zevas' colors are copper and gray, and he is associated with precious stones and wealth.


All Interaction is an Exchange of Value (Commerce)

“Child to Elder, our method of exchange reflects our view of society.”

Zevas is calculating and always playing the endgame, regardless of how much progress has been made. His answers are both entirely truthful and deceitful. More than any other Enaros he enjoys watching and influencing the affairs of mortals.

Destiny is a Chain of Consequence (Fate)

“Fate is the trail we blaze through the chaos of life”

He is the master of the Web of Fate and can navigate its strings better than any other Enaros. This has caused the people of Narosia to be wary of him even if they still respect him as an Enaros.

Truth Out of Context is Power Over Fate (Illusion)

“For all that illusion may mask truth may be the least of our concern.”

The web of reality is so complex that even viewing a small portion of it results in false conclusions. For instance, if you are wet does it mean it is raining, that you are underwater, or that it is hot and you sweat? Without knowing the entire story behind the situation, it is easy to come to the wrong conclusion. Zevas is often like that, offering but a single piece of information that can lead to incorrect conclusions.