The Watcher

No one knows what Toletren looks like. He is always represented in long robes with a hood that covers his face, and carries a large tome with him that is believed to contain the sum of all knowledge. When his hood is raised, knowledge and truth are always revealed but never the truth of his appearance. His color is white and the element he is associated with is paper.


History is a Map to the Future (Knowledge)

“What makes existence singular is not what we have learned, but what we have yet to discover.”

Toletren is said to have been the Enaros who designed the Malanoor, the ritual that limited magic. According to the Enarosian Scrolls, he had already prepared the spell before the Enaros even decided it was necessary. It is believed that Toletren does not live in a single time, but moves freely between the veils that divide yesterday, today and tomorrow.

Keeper of the Laws of Valid Inference (Logic)

“Logic is the tool to pen chaos unbound.”

Logical and measured, he is the judge of facts and conclusions, without the concept of vengeful justice. Understanding the linkages between all elements is essential to the application of knowledge and the revelation of truth.

All Elements Must Fit Within A Whole System (Truth)

“The enemy of knowledge is deception. The enemy of truth is time.”

Toletren embodies truth in its most raw form and his guidance is sought whenever answers must be found. All truth must be revealed, but the impact of the truth is of little concern to him. Each element of truth must not only stand on its own, but fit within a broader system and support the truth of that system.