The Seafather

Phensral is normally represented in a humanoid form of water, riding upon a wave with the denizens of the sea all around him. He is clothed in a robe of kelp and wears a crown of shells. He can appear as flesh if he chooses. The subtle details of his form constantly change, often as a reflection of those who gaze upon him. He is always joyful and his laugh can refresh even the weariest souls. His color is blue and he is associated with water and shells.


Change is Elemental (Change)

“Change is the wellspring for the river of truth.”

Phensral quickly tires of things that do not change. Change is essential to progress, and all revelation is accompanied by change.

Discovery Fuels Progress (Discovery)

“Seeking the watershed of dawn shields one from the stagnation of one’s comforts.”

Those who stay in one place, never changing, never wondering, will never experience the wonders of the world. Only by embracing such endeavors can we uncover the secrets of the world, plying our way through the sea of life.

Water is the Lifeblood of the World and Society (Water)

“Placid yet violent, Sustaining yet poisonous, Containable yet endless”

Like the waters at his command, he is calm, steady, and relentless. When infuriated, his rage is unstoppable. He is always in motion, even when he is standing still. Water is essential for life and commerce.