The Forgefather

Modren is represented as a muscular Tsverg with bronze skin and fiery red hair. He is always shown with his hammer, Lanil and his tongs, the Sirnis. With these he is said to have forged the Deeplands upon which Grethken shaped the surface of the world. His color are fiery reds and he is associated with iron and flame.


Dreams are Realized Stone by Stone (Construction)

“Our voice will pass into history, our body into dust, but our essence lives on in our creations.”

Throughout history the Enaros have turned to Modren to aid them in their creations. From the shaping of the Enari to the chains that bind Endroren to the core of the world, Modren had a hand in their production. Laboring in the solar forge at the heart of Lensae, he draws his stock and makes real the dreams and desires of the other Enaros.

Command of Flame is Divine (Fire)

“The chorus of flame sings a tale of destruction and rebirth.”

His power cleanses through fire or transformation, as he is the patron of renewal. Though fire is wild and chaotic, discipline allows us to harness even such a dangerous thing to create works of wonder.

Craftsmanship is the Foundation of Order (Order)

“Every craft at its base renders the chaos of the raw into the unity of function.”

Modren encourages order and structure in all activities. He makes ideas real and turns chaos into order. His canon guides the establishment of law and the structure of society.