The Golden Halls

Lensae is most clearly seen as the blazing sun, and is also witnessed in the architecture of every pantheon, temple, and shrine. It is the unity of consciousness, mortal and divine, manifest as an elemental source of life.


Hope Rises with the Sun (Light)

“Even in darkness’ time will the light resolve.”

The fundamentals of the divine gestalt are felt in the warmth of the summer sun, the hope that rises with the dawn, and the presence and influence of the Holy Orders in everyday society.

Shining Light Does Goodness Bring (Good)

 “Lensae’s light casts goodness and virtue across the whole of the world.”

Sunlight is the harbinger of goodness and safety, reminding us the Enaros are always watching.

Lensae is the Origin of Order (Unity)

 “As all eyes turn to dawn’s light we see the unity of purpose in blazing hope.

This is the Highhome, the Divine Center, reflecting the gestalt power of all the gods. It forms the foundation of enarosian cosmology and religion. This unity of greater purpose comes with an expectation that the authority of Lensae and the Enaros is to be acknowledged and accepted.