The Skykeeper

Larayil is always represented as a stunningly beautiful elliyen woman with gold and silver hair. Her beauty is radiant and those who look upon her (male and female alike) completely lose their wits, bearings and reason. Larayil's colors are white and light blue and she is directly associated with clear crystals and air. She is most often clad in gossamer clothing that flows in a wind that cannot be seen or felt.


The Wind Will Always Take You (Wind)

“Destiny is carried on the divine breath of the world.”

Larayil has long been both the love and the bane of Narosia's sailors. To a sailor, a strong wind, like Larayil, is a beautiful thing, but stand too long admiring its beauty and you can quickly find yourself at the mercy of the storm.

Persist and Act Without Hesitation (Impulse)

“Singular action moves stones, collective action moves mountains.”

Whether in parallel or in series, Larayil prefers action over stagnation. Always moving, one should act and act again until one’s goal is achieved.

Queen of the Sky (Sky)

“The bird of freedom can only be found among the clouds.”

Like the sky she is fickle, changeable, and can be incredibly powerful if brought to a fury. The sky is a reflection of her mood, and presents the whole of her dominion. The air one breathes and the rain one feels are all her blessings, and essential for life.