The Greenfather

Grethken is portrayed as a large figure with a full beard and long, dark brown hair. His hair is intertwined with living vines and his fingernails are made of bark. He is peaceful and solid, speaking with great deliberation and consideration. His eyes continually change color between deep green, burnt orange and rust red, and his features often reflect his surroundings, shifting with the seasons. Grethken’s color is dark green and he is associated with wood, plants, and healthy soil.


The Embodiment of the Wilderness (Nature)

“Growth abounds in that which refuses to surrender.”

The wild is Grethken. He feels it breathe, grow, and die. Grethken is sometimes thought to lack compassion since his ways are the objective ways of nature, and the bound infinity that is the system of the world.

Narosia is the Allhome (Earth)

“That which we rise from, tread upon, and return to is the home of our Father.

Narosians believe the stone for their homes, the soil for their food, and the lands for their society are the Allhome. Grethken is its patron.

You Will Reap What You Sow (Harvest)

“More than one season may be required to yield the fruits of ones labors.

His strength gives life to the forests and bountiful growth to farmers’ fields. The work of the harvest is the essential effort of the community and the centerpiece of society, as well as an allegory for all endeavors.