The Shadow-in-Chains

Originally Lord of Sorcery, his gifts are only available to those who embrace the perfect, timeless, and infinite evil known as The Fel. Endroren is a shadow, shapeless and without form, bound to the center of the world for eternity. His voice is a deep whisper that rides the night air, offering the promise of true power, and is associated with darkness. Black is his color and shadows are his home.


Mercy is the Path of the Weak (Cruelty)

“Cruelty is testimony to one’s station and destination.”

If the Enaros show us the path, then the path is unforgiving, forever, and without redemption. As that is the path they have shown me, so too will I show others the path.

Lensae is a Lie of Subjugation (Deception)

“Deception lies not in masking the truth but in creating a mask of truth.”

The architect of order is chaos hiding in the blinding light. Should the children ever see it, the world would be undone. Endroren would see its light shine only on ruin and despair.

Pain is Clarity (Evil)

“Without life, there is no pain, without order there is no restraint, and without faith there is no damnation.”

Pain is the only sensation that cannot be denied. It is elemental. Embracing pain is the only way to invalidate the lies of the Light and to know reality