The Muse

Elendra is represented as being intensely beautiful in a natural, unassuming way. She is best known for her genuine smile that brings warmth and contentment to whomever gazes upon it. Purple is her color and she is directly associated with flowers and song. She appears in the form most inspiring to the witness, but is most often depicted as some form of Elori. Her demeanor will be centered on the one emotion needed most at that moment.


The Beauty of Our Craft is the Song of Our Heart (Art)

“In all things there is beauty, one must simply have faith in the artists vision.

It is said that Elendra is the only being that knows the Soryphyn, an ancient song that is believed to be older than even Endros and Aros. Whoever knows this song can make dreams real simply by singing it.

Full of Love for All Things (Love)

“Love is the canvas to which we commit the art of our soul.”

The unconditional bond that is established through love creates a union that at its strongest is unbreakable. It is love the makes the connection that enables the foundation of something greater to form.

It is Our Word that Binds (Commitment)

“The bonded word is the heart of society, without which the center cannot hold.”

The covenants we keep remind us of the importance of order, promise, and prosperity. Elendra provides the guidance and support to make and maintain the bonds that enable society.