The Warfather

Droth is always represented as a large, rugged and well-built male. Tall and powerful, he towers over the other Enaros, clad in practical yet light armor. Physically he shares many characteristics with the Drothmal. His features are angular and rough and his countenance is always stern. He is almost always represented with his sword Galodriax, a huge, double-edged steel blade he uses to impart his blessings upon others. Steel gray and blood red are his colors and he is directly associated with blood and muscle.


Might Reveals Right (War)

“Naked force will only resolve naked truth.”

Many confuse the gift of power with the gift of authority. Only when power is tested will the truth be revealed and righteousness demonstrated. Once blood is spilled, blood must answer in kind.

Only Through Trial Can One Grow Strong (Hardship)

“Hardship is the foundation on which we build our success.”

The many hardships that have confronted the people of the region have made Droth an all too present figure in their lives. Still, most realize that being angry with Droth for their trials is like being angry at the rain for falling.

May Droth’s Trials Be Fair (Challenge)

“Every challenge, great or small, is not a milestone but a validation.”

Despite their understanding of his ways, Droth still receives as many curses as praises. Most hope that Droth will challenge them no more than they can survive.