The Hearthmother

Alantra is represented as a kind mother figure imbued with an inner strength. Her contemporary form is most often tsaal, and she tends to be healthily full figured, wearing a sturdy gown of simple color, usually yellow and white with red trim. She is directly associated with food and warmth. It is said that after Grethken shaped the land, she made the ground fertile to receive his seeds.


Ever Forgiving (Healing)

“A mother’s touch soothes the heart, a mother’s smile soothes the soul.”

She is ever forgiving, and though she wishes to keep her children safe, she is willing to let them fail so that they might learn.

Guardian of the Family (Protection)

“A mother’s enduring strength is eternal for her children.”

She is enraged by those who do not put their family first, especially if it brings them harm, more so if children are involved. As the eldest of the Enaros she often leads any consideration or discussion. She listens carefully to the council of the other Enaros but when she makes a decision she is as immobile as the mountains.

Bringer of Life (Fertility)

“The tiniest seed can become the mightiest oak.”

Alantra wishes to see all aspects life grow and thrive, requiring more than simple feeding and care. Each touch, each smile, each embrace – these are the sustenance of lifelong prosperity.