The Mystery

Aelos is usually represented as a slim elliyen woman of fine features with pale skin and raven hair. She wears simple gossamer gowns, usually in silvery white. Her eyes sparkle like stars and her voice is like a distant echo. Her colors are black and silver and she is associated with silver and moonsteel.


Comfortable Silence (Night)

“In the loneliness of night one may still find companionship.”

Aelos is secretive and reserved, shying away from direct confrontation, and content with the vast beauty of the night.

Seeks the Unsolvable Riddle (Mystery)

“Like the moon devoured by clouds under a clear sky, doubt consumes the assumed.”

She is jealous of those who revel in the mystery of the moment, unable to imagine the solution.

Sees the Chain of Consequence (Death)

“The greatest mystery is the journey through life unto its end.”

She sees through the mystery of a choice to its ultimate conclusion and her answers are always colored by the chain of consequence. The journey to their final rest is long and souls become easily lost in the night. Aelos created the moon, Numos, to guide them where she maintains the Vault of Souls. There spirits can rest before continuing on to Lensae.