Corrupted (Endrori): Skratta [HERO]

Corrupted (Endrori) Scavenger, 58 points (Tier 2)

Skratta are short, wiry, and quick. They walk with a stooped gait and sometimes drop to all fours when moving quickly or crossing broken ground. They have greenish-black skin, and ears that taper back to an extreme point. Skratta have viciously sharp claws that they use to rend their victim's flesh and sharp teeth ideal for tearing meat. Skratta wear primitive clothing and seldom use weapons more advanced than slings and spears.

Skratta stand 1.4m tall and weigh 35kg. They have coarse black hair and black eyes.

Ecology. The sniveling race known as the skratta make up for what they lack in bravery and strength, in sheer numbers. Swift and agile, they swarm over enemies, bearing them down to the ground and then tearing them apart with razor sharp claws and teeth.

Skratta live in loose tribes that constantly expand and split due to the skratta’s notoriously fast reproductive cycle. These tribal breaks are usually violent affairs leaving a good portion of the combatants dead. This serves as a makeshift means of population control. Skratta tribes are ruled by the strong, although skrattas tend to question authority requiring constant physical reminders of their place in the tribe.

In the Deeplands some skratta live nomadically, traveling the halls in search of the Deepland creatures the skratta feed on. Others settle in primitive villages in empty Deepland caverns. Still others live among grals, performing menial tasks and drudgework in exchange for food and shelter.

Personality/Motivation. Skratta are opportunists. They always take the course of least resistance and are loath exerting more effort than is absolutely necessary. They are easily dispersed by a foe that can prove physical superiority. Skratta use guile and deception to save themselves if they cannot escape. In large numbers, skratta grow bold, having learned that even a powerful foe can be overwhelmed by a sufficiently large mass of skratta.

Campaign Use. Skratta don't move into an area; they infest it. Their rapid reproduction and growth rates let a skratta population grow out of control in a few short years. This also makes it tough for them to hide their presence. Skratta on the surface demand swift eradication to avoid swarms of them prowling the countryside at night.


STR    5          DEX    13       CON    10

INT      5          EGO    5          PRE    8

SPD    2          PD       2          ED       2

REC    4          EREC  4          END    25

STUN  16       BODY 7          ESS    8



Sapient Class Of Minds. Physical Complication (Infrequently; Not Impairing)

Corrupted (Endrori) Creature Class. Physical Complication (Infrequently; Not Impairing)

Sunless. All Gold attacks are considered Energy Attacks and are applied against ED; Physical Complication (Infrequently; Slightly Impairing)

Impulsive And Unpredictable. Skratta rarely follow any organized plan unless dominated by a forceful leader, and they will tend to "interpret" their orders in creative ways; Psychological Complication (Common; Strong)

Irredeemably Evil. Negative Reputation (Very Frequently; Extreme; Only among Enari)

Poor Sight In Sunlight. -2 PER in direct sunlight, -1 in daylight; Physical Complication (Infrequently; Greatly Impairing)

Aversion to Lensae's Light. Endrori avoid direct sunlight when possible; Psychological Complication (Uncommon; Strong)

Hatred of Enari. Psychological Complication (Uncommon; Strong)

Allergic To Gold. In the presence of gold 1d6 damage per Turn; Susceptibility (Uncommon)

Allergic To Gold. 1 1/2 x STUN From Gold; Vulnerability (Uncommon)



Infravision. IR Perception (Sight Group)



Running 10m (20m)

Leaping 3m (6m)

Tenacious Clinging. Clinging (10 STR); Gestures, Requires Gestures throughout (Requires both hands or 1 hand and 1 foot; -1), Movement While Clinging Requires DEX Roll Or Skratta Can't Move, Cannot Resist Knockback

DEFENSE        DCV 5         DMCV 3

Total Physical (PD)            4   (Resistant 2)

Total Energy (ED)   4   (Resistant 2)

Makeshift Salvaged Hide. Resistant Protection (2 PD/2 ED); Requires A Roll (11- roll); 20s, 3.75kg; Equipment

Small Size. +2 DCV, Size; plus +2 with Stealth;

Tumbling Dodge. +2 DCV; Only With Dodge Maneuver, Requires A Roll (Breakfall Roll)

Disease Resistant. LS (Immunity: All Diseases); Requires A Roll (CON Roll)


OFFENSE       OCV 3        OMCV 3

Grappler. +2 with Grab/Grab By

Vicious Rending. +4 to offset Hit Location Modifiers with Claws & Teeth; Only While Grabbing

Rending Claws & Teeth. HKA 1d6 (1d6+1 w/STR); RP.

Smallspear. Pierce: HKA 1d6, RBS (STR+15m) x2; 1 1/2H, Beam, STR Min 4*; plus Set versus Charge: Weapon + target's v/6 damage; 13s, 0.75kg; Equipment

Sling. Damage based on missile; 2H, STR Min 5##; Skratta will have 1d6 thornburs and 1d6 sling stones, 3s, 0.1kg; Equipment

Sling Stone.  Crush: Blast 3d6, Sling Missile; RBS (STR+30m), -2 RMod; 0.25kg; Equipment

Thornburs. Ripping Spikes (Slash): HKA 1d6, Sling Missile, RBS (STR+30m); -1 RMod; plus Allergic Reaction: Blast 3d6, AVAD (Life Support: Immune to Poison; All Or Nothing); Slash Effect Must Cause BODY; Thornburs cause STR dice +1 pip if thrown, 0.5s, 0.25kg; Equipment

Powers/Tactics. Skratta prefer to grapple with their opponents, using their Tenacious Clinging to hang on while they use their Rending Claws & Teeth to target Head and Shoulders (Upper Shot, Hit Location 1d6+3 at no penalty due to Vicious Rending). Against armored opponents (obvious PD 4+) they will usually stick to their spears, although if they have the advantage of numbers they will attempt to take the target down in order to more easily rend them. 


Breakfall 12-

Contortionist 12-

Stealth 12-

WF:  Clubs & Maces, Fist-Loads, Hafted, Polearms & Spears, Sling, Thrown Hafted, Thrown Javelins & Spears, Thrown Rocks, Unarmed Combat

Languages. Gral (completely fluent), Skratta (idiomatic)


Environmental Movement (Tunnel Fighter); No penalties in Cluttered or Cramped environments

Sleep Anywhere