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Fantasy roleplay is one of the pillars of the gaming industry. For many the fantasy adventure was their first foray into roleplaying and often remains their favorite. One of the goals of Narosia: Sea of Tears Fantasy RPG is to provide a fantasy setting that is both familiar and unique. 

Narosia is built on familiar, common fantasy elements that have been a part of classic fantasy roleplaying for many years. This means many things to many people, but the goal is to take many of the tropes of fantasy gaming and put them into a context that is coherent and supports the existence of those tropes as part of the backstory and metaplot. This includes adventurers as lauded professionals, dungeon crawling (including traps, greater challenges based on depth, etc.) as a common source of adventure, magic that has influence on the economy, and gods who walk the land. This is not the extent of Narosian gameplay, but illustrates the extent of the familiar.

The uniqueness of Narosia as a setting can be found in the richness of the history, the geography, cosmology, and a focus on maximizing game utility for both players and GMs alike. It is important that the these elements be as accessible as they are detailed, ensuring that a GM need not study for hours to craft an historically relevant adventure, a cosmically significant item, or a culturally appropriate story.

What is Narosia? 

Betrayal. Hubris. Punishment. Revenge. Subjugation. Salvation. Cataclysm. Perseverance. Hope. This is the history of Narosia, a world where cosmic forces vie for control and mortal beings struggle to reclaim past glories. It is an age of adventure, where hordes of Fel creatures threaten to escape their Deepland prisons and demonic Voidspawn stalk the wilds and ruins. Those who venture forth seek fame and fortune, all while courting death, honoring the profession of adventurer and bringing hope to those without it.

Fundamentally, Narosia is an action fantasy RPG where the players control the gods to influence the plot presented by a Game Master. 

Action fantasy RPG, what does that mean? 

It’s about competent characters overcoming larger than life obstacles with a backdrop of magic, monsters, and gods.

Control the gods, influence the plot?

Players have a hand of cards they can play that allow them to say how a specific god influences the current scene if they can explain why the god wants to intervene.

What’s the world like? 

Magical energy flows across the world as an elemental force. The gift of magic in the first age of the world resulted in a fallen god who creates an army of monsters to take over the world. He is ultimately defeated by magical planetary explorers who usher in an age of empire and prosperity, only to see it destroyed by horrors beyond the outer dark. It is now the fifth age of the world, the age of adventurers who will enable civilization to re-establish itself. 

Because of its history, there are vast dungeons known as the Deepland Halls filled with treasure and monsters. There are vast ruins of a fallen empire, filled with artifacts of civilization and qliphothic horrors, as well as otherworldly environmental anomalies. Add to this a pantheon of meddling gods controlled by the players, as well as all of the typical challenges created by society, and you have a world of adventure.

The Adventure Begins…

    Narosia:  Sea of Tears is a roleplaying game for two to eight players. Through a blend of imagination and rules the players will create the story of their heroes as they move through this world, and having fun in the process.
  • Player-controlled divine influence system, allowing the Enaros to influence or intervene at any point
  • Distinct magic systems for divine and arcane powers, including spell improvisation
  • Detailed cultures and races integrated into the story of the world
  • Numerous martial arts representative of the cultures from which they evolved
    Whatever your interest, whether dungeon delve, intrigue, or exploration, Narosia provides a rich background for the legends you forge. Explore our world through the following pages and head on over to our Google+ Community to ask any questions you might have. All of our products are actively playtested. If you are interested in providing us feedback, please join our playtest group.