Weird War II


6E1: Hero System 6th Edition Volume 1
6E2: Hero System 6th Edition Volume 2
APG: Advanced Players Guide
DC: Dark Champions
HSEG: Hero System Equipment Guide
HSMA: Hero System Martial Arts
PH: Pulp Hero
For armchair historians World War II represents an epic point in history. Hindsight provides clarity on numerous what-if scenarios that can result in hours of debate concerning just how the domino-elements create alternate histories.

Sprinkle in a bit of the supernatural and your characters can join the fight in the ultimate battle of Good vs. Evil.

Two games have already explored this in great detail. The first is Savage Worlds Weird Wars from Pinnacle. The other is GURPS Weird War II. Additionally, GURPS World War II (and all the books in the series) is by far the best resource for facts and history that are most useful in the game session. However, while each of these games are outstanding neither of these games provide the balance of detail and cinematic action that comes easily to Hero, nor do they allow for cinematic scalability as easily.

Character Design Guidelines (6E1 34-35)

Starting Points: 150
Matching Complications: 50
Maximum Complications Points Per Complication: 25
Maximum Active Points: 40
Maximum Active Points per Defense: 12
Characteristic Maxima: No

Starting Limits

SPD: 4****
OCV, DCV: 8**
Common Defenses (Physical, Energy, Mental): 12***
Uncommon Defenses (Resistant Defense, Power Defense): 6**
Damage Classes (DC): 8** (Active Points increase to match)
Skill Level: 14-**

Suggested approach is to build a 100 point character and then grant the character 50 points of Heroic Talents (PH 264), Super-Skills (DC 106), Martial Abilities (HSM 112), or other powers.

Rate of Increase

* +1 per 10 CP of Experience
** +1 per 25 CP of Experience
*** +2 per 25 CP of Experience
**** +1 per 50 CP of Experience


In general, anything goes although you have to justify it within the context of Pulp. Vulgar powers such as Flight or Teleportation will be harder to justify than Clairvoyance.

Character Templates

Although written for Fifth Edition, PH 225 has some excellent templates. DC 34 is also a good source for detailed military templates. 


Mundane equipment is purchased with points. 1 Character Points gets you 5 Real Points of equipment. This equipment is considered to be in an Equipment Pool and points may be shifted as necessary between missions.

Equipment that goes beyond the mundane gear available to soldiers in 1943 must be bought as full Powers.


Dramatic Wounds

Healing Powers are not allowed. 

When wounded, a character can choose to trade BODY damage for other Characteristic damage. This trade must occur after a combat concludes.
1 BODY can be traded for the following:
  • STR; REC per Day of rest
  • CON; REC per warm meal
  • DEX (2 for 1); REC per 2 Days
  • INT; REC per Day of peace (requires EGO roll if any distractions)
  • EGO & PRE (equally); REC per Day of rest that includes 6 hours of Recreation
  • Running & Leaping (distributed, 1 for 1m running, 1 for 2m leaping); REC per Day
  • END (1 for 5 END); REC per 6 hours
  • STUN (1 for 2 STUN); REC per Day
Otherwise, BODY recovers at the rate a REC per Month. 

Impairing/Disabling is only applied during the combat. Once traded off, it is no longer relevant.


Basic Bad Guys