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FHQS: Expedition to Dunwater Keep

"Having recently discovered the location of Dunwater Keep in the Sundered Swamp, I am grateful you have accepted my patronage in this expedition. I need to determine if it could be a functional garrison, as it will be my foothold into the region. Deal with any current occupants as you will. Stories also tell of the former lord holding a rare Ebonshard that has never been found. A bonus is yours should you recover it. All other treasure is yours as well. May the gods favor your path."


Explore a lost keep in search of glory and treasure. Fantasy Hero Quick Start rules will be used to quickly build a hero and experience classic adventure in a way only possible with the Hero System.

Character design and rules review are completed in the first hour of the session, leaving the remaining three hours for action and adventure. All materials will be provided. Characters from previous sessions are welcome.

For over 30 years the Hero System has enabled players to define the exact character they wish to play and choose the most fun and dramatic actions for their hero. The Quick Start rules build on that foundation without overwhelming you with options, focusing only on those rules you need jump into Fantasy Hero. The adventure is also available, written to introduce only the relevant rules for each scene, enabling Game Masters to get their game or campaign up and running as quickly as possible.

For more information, visit for more information about Fantasy Hero Quick Start and to view sample characters.