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Another Night on the Town

The last thing you remember was munching on some much needed snacks. Now you find yourself on the floor, lying next to your fellow pros, wondering what the dreck happened. At least you're wearing a tux. Skulk the DarkStreets (dystopia, nanotech, quantum psionics) - a Dark Champions setting.

  • 1ip57r33/\/\ - 1337 haxor with custom rig and a drone named Pip
  • Reno - archetypal nanoware merc (tactical leader)
  • Arkhane - quantum psionicist, stage magician, thrill seeker
  • Johnny Rush - vid-fu master and ex-ganger
  • Saint - corp elite face
  • Jack Hammer - wrench, muscle, ex-wrestler and his Junk Yard Dog (mk II)