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Marvel: New Era

All that is known is that the Secret War has begun. Early in 2011 the Beyonder arrived without warning. It did not speak. It did not hesitate. In a flash hundreds of the worlds super beings disappeared, and then the Beyonder vanished as well. 

What few mentalists remained confirmed they could still hear the takens' echo beneath the fabric of reality - they were alive, but where they were or when they would return was unknown. Whatever they were called to do, all the world could do was wait.

At first everyone believed it would be over in a matter of days. Surely there was some great gladitorial bought happening and once the victors were decided all would return to normal. Days passed, and days turned into weeks. Then something changed.

With greater frequency than ever before new supers started to appear. SHIELD correlated the new powers of these new supers with their database to reveal a terrible discovery - the energy signature of their powers matched that of disappeared supers. As they continued to track them a pattern of balanced formed - for nearly every super hero's power that manifested so did a villain's power.

Stalwart protectors had vanished. Maniacal villains had ceased their threats. In their place rose new stars and they began to redefine the old balance of power. States once known to be free became contrictingly authoritarian out of fear. States once home to totalitarian powers for decades fell to a people lead by new champions, hungry for freedom.

A New Era of super powers begun.

Character Design Guidelines (6E1 34-35)

Starting Points: 300 (Low-Powered Super)
Matching Complications: 60
Maximum Complications Points Per Complication: 35
Maximum Active Points per Attack: 50
Maximum Active Points per Defense: 25
Characteristic Maxima: No

Power Frameworks: Yes; VPP max at 25 points with GM approval.

Starting Limits

SPD: 7****
OCV, DCV: 10**
Common Defenses (Physical, Energy, Mental): 16***
Uncommon Defenses (Resistant Defense, Power Defense): 8**
Damage Classes (DC): 10**
Skill Level: 14-**

Rate of Increase

* +1 per 10 CP of Experience
** +1 per 25 CP of Experience
*** +2 per 25 CP of Experience
**** +1 per 50 CP of Experience

Metagame Background

All supers with a total point value of more than 450 points disappeared. It has been 6 months since the event. New supers have taken their place - the characters are among them.

XP gain will stop at 400 points. Awards after that will be, essentially, Hero Points to modify rolls and events.

Using the Champions source material:
  • Marvel Hero/Villain analogues in Champions work within this setting well and simplify coming up with antagonists