In addition to the Champions Quick Start we have put together a few adventures focused on high-powered Super Hero gaming. Drawing on familiarity with the Marvel universe we have put together a single mega-event, Ultimate Nightmare/X-Men Final Battle, as well as a more traditional ensemble adventure, Marvel Zombies.

Champions Quick Start

The foundation for Champions-Online, Hero System lets you craft characters for any setting. You can create any power, weapon, spell, or other effect imaginable. We will discuss the rules, create characters, and put them to the test in a mini adventure. New players preferred in this 4-hour intro (1 hr build, 3 hrs play).


STEP 1: Make a Character
Using the Quick Superhero Generator from the Champions sourcebook, players will assemble their character using the thematic power/ability sets defined in that chapter (the random system will be ignored). This will allow the players to assemble new characters, including filling out a character sheet, in an hour.

STEP 2: Duke it Out
The remaining time will be spent putting the characters to the test. As members of the Champions Auxiliary, the characters must train once per month in the Champions Dangerroom. During this test This will be focused on explaining how the rules work in play, and how their abilities apply, so that everyone walks away with an understanding of the fundamentals. The specifics of the scenario will vary based on the make-up of the group.