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Xcrawl Equipment

Kits represent the gear taken into a crawl while your Armory represents items available as a pool that can be swapped into your Kit before a crawl. 

Mundane Equipment Kit

Mundane equipment costs Gold Pieces (gp) and requires maintenance and upkeep as reflected by a Character Point cost to you. 

Mundane equipment includes all weapons, armor, and other mundane gear available in the market. 

Character Points * 5gp = Value Of Mundane Equipment In Kit

Magical Equipment Kit

Magical equipment requires you to pay the full Real Point cost of the item to maintain it in your Kit. Items found during a crawl can be used during the crawl. However, after the crawl you either have to pay for it, add it to their Armory, or donate it to charity. 

Buying Magic Items

Magic gear can be purchased using treasure and then paid for with points. However, the chance that an item is available is 16- with a penalty of -1 per 100gp of the item's price. This roll can be attempted once per week. 

Magic Item Price = 10gp x Item Active Points x Item Real Points


You can maintain an Armory of magical equipment by paying 20% of the item's Real Point cost. Before your next crawl you can swap that item into play by reallocating points as appropriate (and any item the comes out of your Kit can then be retained in the Armory at 20% cost). 

Where Do I Find The Gear?

Asking that question in HERO opens up a world of possibilities. Here are the best sources:

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