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The Story (Spoilers!)

Adventure 1: Into the Zone 

Down on their luck, the group barely had a bullet to share between them. Answering a distress signal, they rescued a fellow stalker from a group of bandits. As payment, the stalker arranged for Smitty, the local trader at Lily to cut them in on the location of some brainbuckets, special artifacts that protect the mind from the EDR (extra dimensional radiation) that is pervasive within the core. Travelling to this location, the team needed to cut a deal with the Guard to make a diversionary attack at an old junkyard against a Monolith strong point. This was successful, and earned them some points with the Guard, and allowed them to proceed to the brainbucket harvest point, and old bunker site near the edge of the core. There the met their first true mutant, a psuedo giant that nearly pulverized the group. However, by overcoming this challenge they not only harvested the brainbuckets, but were able to recover a vehicle and locate a strange locked vault. Returning with these spoils, they traded the vehicle to the Guard for a Mark, a special coin from the Guard that allows the bearer unfettered access through any Guard controlled territory. 

Adventure 2: Deeper Into the Zone 

After a short respit (and some experience and equipment upgrades) Smitty contacts the team with some information. It seems he traded a promise of a haul of artifacts for the code to this vault door and hopes the team will make good on his promise. Accepting, with the terms of better deals in the future, the team sets out on the same path as before. Unfortunately they are informed at the Guard station that the zone has undergone an "anomaly shift" and the zone could be very dangerous right now. Additionally, they have lost track of a Guard patrol and request the team keep an eye out for them. Proceeding cautiously, the team makes their way to the old junkyard which is now overrun by dogs, and the road is blocked by a series of anomalies. The only way is around and ultimately through an old village, rumored to be haunted. Sure enough when the team arrives, not only is the village haunted by bloodsuckers, it is a veritable maze of meat grinder anomolies, and the remains of the Guard patrol are found. Salvaging the gear from the team they tarry too long and have to face down a bloodsucker which nearly tears them apart. Ultimately running for it, they finally arrive at the old bunker which now has several zombifides wandering the area. Passing through they punch in the code, and enter the vault. A seemingly abandoned research site, everything is covered and/or sealed so this place was abandoned before the incident. Proceeding carefully, it becomes obvious that some of the deeper levels are not sealed, about which time the team is attacked by snorks amid a dangerous minefield of witches jelly. This path continues and ultimately leads to a large service tunnel - large enough for vehicles to pass through. Following this tunnel the group travels several kilometers and comes out in an old base. EDR levels are high, and the field before them is filled with sparklers and shocker anomalies. Carefully they harvest the sparklers and return with this info knowing that one day they will return to make it into the core. 

Adventure 3: Into the Core 

Finally, after nearly a year of jobs, near death experience, trades, and success the group has decided they are ready to proceed into the core, into the heart of the Monolith. 

Adventure 4: Darktyde Egesta

Nothing to report yet.