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Most of the Pathfinder skills have a one to one relationship with Hero. Hero however adds many new skill options to expand on further character definition. However, to ensure compatibility with adventures here are some important things to note:
  • Acrobatics is used for aerial maneuvers, flips, and jumps
  • Appraise is a Professional Skill
  • Breakfall is used for floor work, tumbles, and falling
  • Concelament is gone. Perception is used for searching.
  • Craft Skills are mapped to Pathfinder. This is a new class of skill and has a Skill Enhancer (Craftsman) to go with it.
  • Criminology can give you a bonus when looking for clues and such and enhances PER in some cases. 
  • Disable Device maps to Security Systems
  • Heal includes Paramedics and Forensic Medicine
  • Interrogation is renamed Intimidate. It compliments PRE attacks to do either.
  • Knowledge Skills are mapped to Pathfinder.
  • Languages are set. Literacy is assumed (take a 5pt complication if you are illiterate).
  • Linguistics is a Knowledge Skill (for the language portion), Cryptography for cyphers, and Forgery for forging documents.
  • Mechanics is now covered by Craft skills.
  • Professional Skills are mapped to Pathfinder.
  • Science skills are unused
  • Sense Motive is a function of Conversation.
  • Spellcraft is a new skill based on INT.
  • Use Magic Device is a new skill based on PRE