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I've posted an equipment list, as well as a HD prefab file (see attachments below). This is a first pass on the equipment - please comment if you notice any issues or have any questions.

Weapons are complete. 


Armor is mostly complete. The effects have not been converted - Skill bonuses will be +5 = +1 OCV or Skill, Characteristic bonuses will follow guidelines.
rPD & rED have not been adjusted beyond my base assessment.
H stands for Hardened.

Armor Add-Ons

Nothing has been done with this yet.


UOO: Usable On Others as a full phase action
Time = # of Phases to Consume as a Recovery Action (Drinks do not require a Recovery action)


Each dose taken while another is in effect increases the addiction chance by +1 cumulative for each subsequent dose.
Drinks require a full phase action to consume
Drugs require a 1/2 phase action to take
Special require a full phase action to activate/apply


For more information, please review the Fallout 3 Wiki
Condition of item is equal to Repair Skill (either Mechanics, Electronics, or Weaponsmith) at -3. If 2 schematics are used, the condition is at Repair, and if 3 schematics are used the condition is Repair +3 but cannot be higher than 17.
A workbench is required to assemble the items.


Each book provides the ability for a single character to improve a skill at half the normal XP cost for +1 skill level. 


Each provides the ability for a single character to improve a characteristic, which is normally not allowed once the game starts (as a campaign guideline).
Skill Bobbleheads provide a +1 skill level at no cost to the character.
In Fallout, Bobbleheads cannot be sold. They are usable once and then provide no further benefit.

Fallout Equipment

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Aug 29, 2010, 6:28 AM
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Aug 29, 2010, 6:36 AM