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Adventures set in the classic Fallout setting. Most inspired by the most recent video game, Fallout 3, the adventures build on the events of that game.

One of the key aspects of this and many PA settings is resource management and the scarcity of equipment. Characters should almost always be nearly out of everything. This doesn't really change as their gear improves - instead of being short on .22 ammo they are short on 5.56 AP rounds. A big motivator within the video game, and thus here, is building a network of trading contacts. All equipment has been divided by the quality of equipment a trader might have. Traders are also excellent sources of missions, and offer require such action prior to selleing players "the good stuff". Traders are built as contacts, paid for in points. This also makes them, or improvements in the contact perk, excellent directed ezperience awards. Attached are the equipment files and character prefab and the equipment list (print format) for use with Hero System and Hero Designer.

The Fallout Wiki is a very useful tool for running adventures, especially when combined with something like MapTool.

I also use the Prima Fallout 3 Guide. It have very useful game information, adventures, dialog, and more.