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Positive Traits

EP Trait -- Hero ability

Adaptability (Skill)

Cost: 3 pts per +1 (max +4) 
Resleeving is a breeze for this character. Apply a +1 modifier per level for Integration Tests and Alienation Tests (p. 272, Core).

Allies (Perk: Contacts)

Cost: Variable
The character is part of or has a relationship with some influential group that they can occasionally call on for support.

Ambidextrous (Talent)

Cost: 3 pts
The character can use and manipulate objects equally well with both hands. They do not suffer the off-hand modifier (as noted on p. 193, Core). This trait can be taken multiple times for morphs with multiple limbs.

Animal Empathy (Skill) or Animal Friendship (Talent)

Cost: 2 pts or 20 pts
Apply a +1 modifier to Animal Handling skill tests or whenever the character makes a test to influence or interact with an animal. Animal Friendship allows even more interaction (6E1 110)

Brave (Power)

Cost: 5 pts
The character receives a +15 PRE on all tests to resist fear or intimidation.

Common Sense (Custom Talent)

Cost: 10 pts
Once per game session, the player may ask the gamemaster what choice they should make or what course of action they should take, and the gamemaster should give them solid advice based on what the character knows. Alternately, if the character is about to make a disastrous decision, the gamemaster can use the character’s free hint and warn the player they are making a mistake.

Danger Sense (Talent)

Cost: Varies
The character has an intuitive sixth sense that warns them of imminent threats. 

Direction Sense -- Bump of Direction (Talent)

Cost: 3 pts
See talent.

Eidetic Memory (Talent)

(Ego or Morph Trait)
Cost: 5 pts
Much like a computer, the character has perfect memory recall. They can remember anything they have sensed, often even from a single glance. This works the same as the eidetic memory implant (p. 301, Core).

Exceptional Aptitude (Custom Talent)

Cost: 5 pts
The character may raise one of their maximum characteristics up to 5 points over the normal maxima (25 for flats, 30 for splicers, 35 for all others including Egos). Note that this trait just raises the maximum, it does not give the character 5 more characteristic points. This trait may be taken only once.

Expert (Custom Talent)

Cost: 4 pts
The character may raise one learned skill over 15- or skill levels +4, to a maximum of 17- or skill levels +6. This trait does not actually increase the skill, it just raises the maximum.

Fast Learner (Custom Talent)

Cost: 3 pts
The character improves skills and learns new ones in half the time it normally takes (see Improving Skills, p. 152, Core).

First Impression -- Striking Appearance (Talent)

Cost: 2 pts per level
For a specific group (characters they have met for the first time) when the character is interacting with another character for the first time only.

Hyper Linguist -- Speed Reading (Talent) plus Cramming (Skill)

Cost: 10 pts
The character requires one-third the normal amount of time and experience to learn any language. The character can also learn any human language in one day simply by constant immersive exposure to it. Additionally, the character receives a +1 modifier when attempting to interpret languages they don’t know. Cramming 14 pts, Languages only -1 1/2 (HSS 145).

Improved Immune System -- Resistance (Talent)

(Morph Trait)
Cost: 1 pt (Level 1) or 2 pts (Level 2) CP
At Level 1, apply a +1 modifier whenever making a test to resist infection or the effects of a toxin or drug. At Level 2, increase this modifier to +2. This trait is only available to biomorphs.

Innocuous - Skill Level (Skill)

(Morph Trait)
Cost: 3 pts 
Apply a –1 modifier to all tests made to spot, describe, or remember the character. This modifier does not apply to psi or mesh searches.

Limber -- Extra Limbs (Power) plus Contortionist (Skill)

(Morph Trait)
Cost: 5 pts (Level 1) or 8 pts (Level 2)
At Level 1, the character can smoke with their toes, do the splits, and squeeze into small, cramped spaces. Extra Limbs, Manipulative Feet Only -1/2; 3 pts, Contortionist 10-, 2pts.
At Level 2, they are double-jointed escape artists. Each level provides a +10 modifier to escaping from bonds, fitting into narrow confines, and other acts relying on contortion or flexibility. This trait is only available to biomorphs. Increase to Contortionist DEX+1, 5 pts.

Math Wiz -- Lightning Calculator (Talent)

Cost: 3 pts
See talent.

Natural Immunity -- LS: Immunity to specific effect (Power)

(Morph Trait)
Cost: 1 pt
The morph has a natural immunity to a specific drug, disease, or toxin. It may not be applied to nanodrugs or nanotoxins. This trait is only available to biomorphs.

Pain Tolerance -- Resistance (Talent)

(Ego or Morph Trait)
Cost: 1 pt (Level 1) or 2 pts (Level 2)
Level 1 allows them to ignore the –1 modifier of a BODY wound. Level 2 allows them to ignore the –2 modifiers from BODY wounds. This trait is only available for biomorphs.

Patron -- Contact (Perk)

Cost: Varies
The character has an influential person in their life who can be relied on for occasional support.

Psi -- ???

Cost: 20 CP (Level 1), 25 CP (Level 2)
The character may purchase and learn psi sleights (p. 223). At Level 1, the character may only use psi-chi sleights. At Level 2, the character may use both psi-chi and psi-gamma sleights.

Psi Chameleon -- Skill Level (Skill)

(Ego or Morph Trait)
Cost: 2 pts
Apply a –1 modifier to any attempts to locate or detect the character via psi sleights.

Psi Defense -- Mental Defense (Power)

(Ego or Morph Trait)
Cost: 1pt per +1; Maximum 10
Reduces the effectiveness of mental attacks.

Rapid Healer -- Regeneration (Power)

(Morph Trait)
Cost: 2 pts
Reduce the timeframes for healing by half, as noted on the Healing table, p. 208. This trait is only available to biomorphs. Regeneration (1 BODY per week), 2 pts.

Right at Home -- Custom Talent (Talent)

Cost: 3 pts
The character chooses one type of morph (splicer, neo-hominid, case, etc.). When resleeving into this type of morph, the character automatically adjusts to the new body, no Integration or Alienation Test needed, suffering no penalties and no mental stress.

Second Skin -- Custom Talent (Talent)

Cost: 3 pts
If your character background or faction enforces a restriction on your starting morph (for example, uplifts must start with an uplift morph), this trait allows you to ignore that restriction and purchase a starting morph of your choice.

Situational Awareness -- Penalty Skill Levels (Skill)

Cost: 3 pts
The character does not suffer the Distracted modifier on Perception Tests to notice things even when their attention is focused elsewhere, or when making Quick Perception Tests during combat. Penalty Skill Levels +3 vs. PER mods, 3 pts.

Striking Looks -- Striking Appearance (Talent)

(Morph Trait)
Cost: 10 (Level 1) or 20 (Level 2) CP
On social skill tests where the character’s beauty may affect the outcome, they receive a +10 (for Level 1) or +20 (for Level 2) modifier. This modifier is ineffective against xenomorphs or those with the infolife or uplift backgrounds. This trait is only available to biomorphs. This modifier may be purchased for uplift morphs, but at half the cost, and it is only effective against characters with that specific uplift background (i.e., neo-avians, neo-hominids, etc.). The one drawback to this trait is that the character is more easily noticed and remembered.

Tough -- PD and ED (Characteristics)

(Morph Trait)
Cost: +4 pts per level (max 6 levels)
Increase their PD and ED by +1 per level, and increase STUN by +4 per level.

Zoosemiotics -- Additional Class of Minds (Mental Power Adder, per power)

Cost: 5pts per power
A character with this trait and the Psi trait does not suffer a modifier when using psi sleights on nonsentient or partly-sentient animal species.

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