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Ego Stats

Initiative (INIT)

Your Initiative stat is equal to your character’s Intuition + Reflexes aptitudes multiplied by 2.

Lucidity (LUC)

Lucidity is unlimited, but generally ranges from 20 to 60 for baseline unmodified humans. Lucidity is determined by your Willpower aptitude x 2. Lucidity measures your accumulation of Stress.

Trauma Threshold (TT)

Trauma Threshold is calculated by dividing Lucidity by 5 (rounding up). Trauma Threshold defines the amount of stress a character can suffer from a single event without suffering mental trauma.

Insanity Rating (IR)

Your Insanity Rating is the total amount of stress your mind can take before you go permanently insane and are lost for good. Insanity Rating equals LUC x 2.


Aptitudes are purchased ego stats. They define the character, and stay with them when they change morphs (although some morphs may have aptitude maximums which reduce the effective aptitude rating). Average for a baseline human is 10.

Cognition (COG)

Aptitude for problem-solving, logical analysis, and understanding. It also includes memory and recall. Critical for technical skills.

Coordination (COO)

Skill at integrating the actions of different parts of your morph to produce smooth, successful movements. It includes manual dexterity, . fine motor control, nimbleness, and balance. Important for ranged weapons and stealth-related skills.

Intuition (INT)

Skill at following your gut instincts and evaluating on the fly. It includes physical awareness, cleverness, and cunning. Important for skill with soft sciences and perception.

Reflexes (REF)

Skill at acting quickly. This encompasses your reaction time, your gut-level response, and your ability to think fast. Important for skills related to body-positioning, such as freefall.

Savvy (SAV)

Mental adaptability, social intuition, and proficiency for interacting with others. It includes social awareness and manipulation. Important for social skills.

Somatics (SOM)

Skill at pushing your morph to the best of its physical ability, including the fundamental utilization of the morph’s strength, endurance, and sustained positioning and motion. Critical for melee combat, endurance and strength.

Willpower (WIL)

Skill for self-control, your ability to command your own destiny. Important for defending against ego attacks, asynch abilities, and resistance to stress.

Moxie (MOX)

The Moxie stat is rated between 1 and 10. Moxie is used to influence the odds in the character's favor, by improving dice rolls on tests.

Morph Stats

Morph stats are defined by the morph the character is currently sleeved in. They may be augmented by implants.

Speed (SPD)

All characters start with a Speed stat of 1, meaning they act once per turn. Certain implants and other advantages may boost this up to a maximum of 4.

Durability (DUR)

Durability is unlimited, though the range for baseline (unmodified) humans tends to fall between 20 and 60. Your Durability stat is determined by your morph.

Wound Threshold (WT)

Wound Threshold is calculated by dividing Durability by 5 (rounding up).

Death Rating (DR)

Death Rating is equal to DUR x 1.5 for biomorphs and DUR x 2 for synthmorphs.

Damage Bonus

Damage Bonus is determined by dividing your Somatics aptitude by 10 and rounding down.

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