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Use of Reputation is handled by exercising Networking (KS: Group), modified by Positive or Negative Reputation and Favor.
Positive or Negative Reputation Perk can modify your Networking Roll. These are built for a large group and should be attributed to a specific action or event.
Favor is used to "keep score" of the character's reputation. The character will have 5 Favor values, ranging from 1 to 20. Every 4 full points equals 1 EP Reputation Level (EP 287).
The Contact Perk can still be used, although the Favor perk as written is essentially incorporated into this system (q.v. Burning Rep). Contacts can still be used to compliment this system.

Burning rep is accomplished in the same way as described in the EP rules. Specifically, every level of rep burned grants +1 to the Networking roll. Burning rep to seek a favor before the refresh period has a rep cost as follows:

Favor Level: Burning Rep (Time/Refresh)
Trivial: 0 (1 min/1hr)
Low: 8- chance of 1 (20 min/1 day)
Moderate: 1 (1 hour/1 week)
High: 2 (1 day/1 month)
Scarce: 4 (3 days/3 months)

The Circle-A List

Rep Name: @-Rep
Networking Field: Autonomists
Factions and Associates: anarchists, Barsoomians, Extropians, Titanian, and scum


Rep Name: c-Rep
Networking Field: Hypercorps
Factions and Associates: hypercorps, Jovians, Lunars, Martians, Venusians


Rep Name: e-Rep
Networking Field: Ecologists
Factions and Associates: nano-ecologists, preservationists, and reclaimers


Rep Name: f-Rep
Networking Field: Media
Factions and Associates: socialites (also artists, glitterati, and media)


Rep Name: g-Rep
Networking Field: Criminals
Factions and Associates: criminals

The Eye

Rep Name: i-Rep
Networking Field: Firewall
Factions and Associates: Firewall

Research Network Associates

Rep Name: r-Rep
Networking Field: Scientists
Factions and Associates: argonauts (also technologists, researchers, and scientists)

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