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Moxie represents your character’s inherent talent at facing down challenges and overcoming obstacles with spirited fervor. More than just luck, Moxie is your character’s ability to run the edge and do what it takes, no matter the odds. Some people consider it the evolutionary trait that spurred humankind to pick up tools, expand our brains, and face the future head on, leaving other mammals in the dust. When the sky is falling, death is imminent, and no one can help you, Moxie is what saves the day. 

The Moxie stat is rated between 1 and 10, as purchased during character creation (and perhaps raised later). In game play, Moxie is used to influence the odds in your favor. Every game session, your character begins with a number of Moxie points equal to their Moxie stat. Moxie points may be spent for any of the following effects: 
  • The character may ignore all modifiers that apply to a test. The Moxie point must be spent before dice are rolled.
  • The character may invert up to two dice (i.e. 6 becomes 1, 5 becomes 2, 4 becomes 3, etc.); this can not make it a critical success
  • The character may upgrade a success, making it a critical success. The character must succeed in the test before they spend the Moxie point.
  • The character may ignore a critical failure, treating it as a regular failure instead.
  • The character may go first in a Phase
Only 1 point of Moxie may be spent on a single roll.

Moxie points will fluctuate during gameplay, as they are spent and sometimes regained.

Random Moxie per Session

A GM could choose to have everyone roll their dice of Moxie (1d6 per Moxie) at the beginning of a session and count the BODY of the dice. This will generate a range from 0-2x the amount of Moxie, but averaging at 1 per die.

Regaining Moxie

At the gamemaster’s discretion, Moxie points may be refreshed up to the character’s full Moxie stat any time the character rests for a significant period. Moxie points may also be regained if the character achieves a personal goal, as determined by their Motivation (see p. 121). The gamemaster determines how much Moxie is regained in proportion to the goal achieved. 

Example: Audrey has a difficult Piloting: Aircraft roll to make. Her skill is 12-, but she’s facing a lot of modifiers (-6), and if she fails she’s in big trouble. She could spend a point of Moxie before the test to ignore the modifiers, but she decides to take her chances against the target number of 6-. Unfortunately, she rolls a 13 (6, 6, 1). Luckily, she can spend a Moxie point to invert both dice into 1s and make it a 3 (1, 1, 1) -- a success (but not a critical success)! 

Acquiring Moxie

1 Moxie = 5 points; maximum 10 Moxie

The easiest way to record Moxie, since it works out to be 5 pts per level is to buy Luck, name it Moxie, and add a -0 modifier: Moxie Effects Only. GMs can still allow regular Luck to follow the standard rules and can also allow regular Luck to add to Moxie at the start of the session 1 point for every pip of Luck that is generated before the session starts.

Moxie recorded in this fashion would look like this...  Moxie: Luck 3d6, Moxie Effects Only (-0) ... this would mean the character had 3 Moxie.

Luck 6d6, Charges (1, -2), Limited Power (Limited to set moxie effects, -2), One Point of Luck at a Time (-1). 30 Active Points, 5 Real Points. 
The idea here is that 6d6 will reasonably generate 1 point of Luck on a single roll.

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