HERO System is an extremely flexible system that allows you as a Game Master to run a game in any setting you enjoy. Many of the popular video game settings make for great tabletop roleplaying opportunities.

As we at Legendsmiths develop these adventures, or discover the conversions of other HERO GMs we will share as much as we can. 

These conversions imply no ownership of the copyrighted materials they adapt. They are for personal use and are shared freely and openly. Comments are welcome and we hope you will enjoy our take on some of these popular settings.

The HERO System Character Archive is also an excellent source for adaptations, such as Left 4 Dead and Half-Life 2


We work on these on these adaptations as a labor of love and often directly in support of a convention event. As such some of the materials are only sufficient in completing those characters or adventure and may not be a comprehensive conversion of the setting to Hero.